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2. Hold on to the excitement.

You have passed the course of starting a business.

Don’t overlook the feelings you get from the times when you get completely immersed, euphoric and excited – the big “YES” times. Do not overlook this feeling, even when nothing quite concrete has emerged from it.

It is more about what a meeting will give you, the truth is within you, the possibility that can be materialized through you, and how you use and express that energy. It’s also the same excitement as more and more customers choose the company’s products while your company was giving up.

Even if the excitement you and your staff may feel does not immediately lead to something immediately – it may well fail.

The customer may well go to the competition, or the bigger customer may not bite your offer – it’s important to savor the opportunity.

You get the same excitement when you get a business loan.

“The possibilities keep us alive,” said a professor at Harvard Business School. Even if they don’t take the turn we hope for, their energy will take us somewhere. ”

Yes, being an entrepreneur is also an adventure full of keen emotions. This is why DAMALION offers you strategy consulting and customer development support in a 360° global advisory framework It matches the reality of entrepreneurship. Starting a business can be perilous. Being accompanied teaches you how to channel your energy. Developing your customer base requires learning techniques to build up gradually.