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Private Equity

Private equity is an alternate investment class containing non-publicly traded capital. Private equity consists of funds and investors who invest directly in private enterprises or engage in buyouts of publicly traded companies, resulting in the delisting of public stock.

Damalion experts provide pragmatic, transaction- and execution-oriented services to the world’s premier private equity firms, hedge funds, and investment banks. We employ knowledge-driven talent and experience to generate and enhance enterprise value from inception through exit.

Our experts have vast experience utilizing their knowledge to make a difference.

We identify and analyse financial & operational gaps to provide advice and help in any sales process.

How we assist

We collaborate with private equity firms throughout the investment cycle.

We work hand in hand with private equity firms, pension funds, hedge funds, and investment companies to contribute their operational excellence.

Private equity (PE) firms should create value through many levers in today’s world of rising deal volumes and multiples, one of which is operations improvements. A good exit must demonstrate that these enhancements are sustainable and ingrained in the portfolio firm. We collaborate with the private equity firm and the portfolio company throughout the investment cycle, beginning with operations due to diligence (ODD), the first 100-day comprehensive review, operations carve-out, and merger integration, concluding with the implementation and maintenance of the investment thesis.

What we bring

Investment opportunities

Damalion help you identify business opportunities in your sector as we know that deal sourcing is crucial for your expansion and goals.

Choosing the right investment vehicles

Damalion selects experts to assist international investors in identification of the right corporate structuring solutions whether to set up regulated or unregulated investment funds or special purpose vehicles setup. The main goal will still be to maximize overall net margin and business profit along with stability of the business modelling.


We identify and analyze operational weaknesses and advise and support establishing a sustainable foundation for operational success after an IPO. IPO planning begins with a data-driven strategic, organizational, and functional readiness assessment. Our experts can swiftly examine performance and identify people, processes, and technology issues. Selected experts help build a project management office to track the deal. We help accounting, finance, cashflow, legal, tax, and internal audit meet public company standards.


We select experts who prove their collateralization/asset-based lending practice. Our experts advise clients on local and overseas lending decisions. To maximize profitability, we integrate valuation and credit knowledge with company restructuring and auditing.


Damalion experts support clients with complicated accounting issues, regulatory challenges, accounting productivity, and financial reporting.

We build up expert teams of accounting executives, practitioners, and regulatory specialists. They must assist clients to establish technically sound and integrated accounting functions, boost staff productivity, and detect and mitigate shortcomings. We tailor a risk management program to optimize shareholder value for startups, mid-cap companies going public, and global conglomerates.

Acquisition Support

We provide experts that have completed innumerable operations for global private equity customers. They show expertise to run specific due diligence about the business itself and the vendor.

We analyze every component of the operation that is crucial to the investment thesis of our private equity clients and represents a possibility for incremental EBITDA. In the current uncertain environment, we also do a business risk assessment in addition to the opportunity analysis.

Our Private equity clients can balance all elements and present the best possible bid to the seller due to the insight provided by both components.

Support for Exit

Damalion experts offer the evaluation and implementation assistance necessary to maximize value during the selling process.

Our approach relies on experience to create value

Dedicated Global Methodology: we select experts who can navigate private equity languages across a various range of industrial verticals. Damalion experts team offer support in the U.S., European, and Asia-Pacific markets.

Dedicated Industry Vertical and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

We build up ad hoc team demonstrating transaction expertise within subject matter understanding in many sectors. Our commercial knowledge enables us to comprehend business topics swiftly.

We understand the urgency that this type of work necessitates and have highly responsive experts that accomplish the job promptly. Once the transaction has been completed, our most significant contribution is supporting our clients in maximizing their revenue and EBITDA.

Want to know more about Private Equity with Damalion?

Damalion offers you from bespoke advice provided by directly operational experts in the fields that challenge your business.

We advise you to give information at its best, so we can qualify your demand and revert to you under the next 8 hours.