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Damalion experts focus on specific fields when assisting organizations and undertakings of the public sector.

We focus on people and change adoption, on one hand, and customer management on the other hand.

We believe that organizations must put people first and be sure that human capital is empowered correctly before deploying changes.

People & Change

For public sector, Damalion experts help management board and teams nurture an operational excellence by instilling entrepreneurial mindset and methodology tools to assess problems of different nature.

Team members are more entitled to embrace changes, share their practical insights when they feel empowered as entrepreneurs.

The whole public organization benefits from this innovation culture.

Our approach measures innovation of different types: product, services, marketing, process.

Entrepreneurial empowerment® by our experts can be deployed to design, implement, monitor, improve and optimize a public organization’s workflow, procedures, systems and strategies.

Damalion created the AIDER® methodology (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Empowerment, Reinforcement) to help public organizations achieve a high degree of commitment from their staff.

This approach also helps reduce costs (time, money, efforts,…) and waste, align resources with the organization’s objectives.

Working hand in hand with Human resources departments allows Damalion experts to offer the following advantages:

  • assess a better articulation of talent acquisition
  • detect and value high-potential talents
  • promote collective intelligence throughout the organization thanks to team-building workshops, culture awareness sessions
  • design and set objectives in terms of staff involvement and individual achievement
  • shape personal assessment tools : personality, leadership, individual coaching needs
  • Identify the opportunities of soft-skill development through tailor-made training.

Customer-centric operating model

Damalion experts help you re-assess your public mission to make citizens happy and have a great customer experience with your public services.

We leverage customer insights to help you re-position customer perception and pain points at the heart of your decision-making process.

Thanks to our diagnostic tools and pragmatic approach, we can guide you to set performance objectives in terms of enhancement of quality service, system efficiency and customer experience.

Our entrepreneurial approach contributes to identify new types of services that can maximize value for public audience and generate new sources of revenue while minimizing costs of development.

One of the main advantage is to create dynamics of innovation process that engage public audience and generate positive social impacts.