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Retails, Wholesale & Distribution

If the absence of news is itself news, then those working in retails, wholesale and distribution must be itching for peace. The turbulent state of the sector is being covered by almost every news outlet worldwide.

The fact that business is booming is a positive development, even though it is beyond the capacity of the majority of distribution organizations to handle.

Why? Manufacturers face the same product and delivery delays as customers. Thus they lack the necessary equipment to increase production. Full ports result in completed goods lying idle and overflowing warehouses. Warehouse space is barely available. Additionally, there are insufficient employees and drivers to convey products to their ultimate destinations, which contributes to the total increase in freight prices.

Manufacturers have attempted to tightly align production with customer demand by fulfilling orders just in time. Since the epidemic, consumer demand has been unpredictable, and distributors require greater flexibility. They need improved methods for anticipating customer demand, more adaptable manufacturing systems, and means for liquidating inventories when demand fluctuates.

A scarcity of personnel

Labor shortages are not new in distribution, but they have reached severe levels. Without attracting fresh talent, corporations have been swapping artisans and truck drivers in the current labor market. Distributors require innovative techniques to recruit and retain their key employees and control escalating labor expenses.

Transparency, alignment

Distributors want better visibility into their supply chains, from raw materials to last-mile delivery. More insight into partners’ companies (especially pain issues) and tighter strategic alignments. Distributors need early alerts and more options to respond. Some distributors may increase their cooperation networks to defend against service gaps instead of shrinking supply chains to tighten control.

Digitization at top speed

Resilience-building innovations planned for two or three years are now being rushed. Distribution organizations spend substantially on data and analytics to detect and respond to the next upheaval. Companies prioritize instruments that can assist them in overcoming limitations. Robots won’t replace human labor but will boost it. Companies want information security solutions to secure their assets and prediction technologies to gauge demand and make better decisions.

Difficult to learn

Most organizations can’t handle digital transformation initiatives alone and will need to invest heavily in outside help. Data collection, validation, and formatting are just the beginning. Distribution organizations require employees who can understand data and explain its implications. New technology and processes can only assist if managers, shop floor workers, and drivers adopt them.

Companies in the retail and consumer goods industries are going through a tremendous transition. Companies need to be creative in finding ways to blend store-based and online productivity for performance improvement to be successful in an Omni-channel environment and create a competitive edge among a crowded field of capable competitors. It will allow the companies to compete successfully in an Omni-channel environment.

How we assist

Understanding the company’s economic model, including how it generates money and loses money, is essential to manage performance improvement efforts effectively.

What we bring

We build up experts team to develop superior analytics that grants businesses the ability to comprehend the circumstances in which they find themselves. These analyses provide businesses with a viewpoint that can be put into practice. Maintaining objectivity is essential. When we get more intimately acquainted with a company and the people who manage it, our Damalion experts have a greater awareness of both the problems it faces and the potential solutions to those problems. We regard ourselves as assets to management because we can help cover any skill shortages that may be there, provide honesty and impartiality, and facilitate change that is both rapid and long-lasting.

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