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About us

We commit to deploy on a daily basis the following values
for our clients’ satisfaction:

Independent, Innovative, Solutions driven, Accountable, Adaptive.

Multi-disciplinary team with an international vision

Damalion is managed by an integrated team from various industries.

The company is structured with different advisory committees made of independent professionals.

Adding new team members, independent advisors on a regular frequency maintains our organization adaptive and pro-active to anticipate problems and find the right solutions.

Daily work with selected professionals

At Damalion’s, we work with international talents that help our clients save time and money proportionately to the risk assessment of each private or corporate situation.

We take pride to work exclusively with selected lawyers, solicitors, chartered accountants/certified public accountants, financial advisors, wealth managers, private bankers, pension funds, funds of funds, internationally.

This is our community and working with them, 100% on a daily basis is the best way to improve, to learn and deliver great services to our family of clients.

Why Us ?

Our entrepreneurship is our DNA. This is more than a sentence. We mean it.

Why now ? and not before ?

Chaos is source of opportunities. Chaos challenges status quo. And, being disrupted is worse than disrupting yourself.

Thus, Damalion is born by extracting the best from regular consulting services and from independent work to create and implement a new business model.

We leverage:

  • professionalism, intellectual structuring of the top consulting firms without being distracted by politics which could destruct values for our clients, on one hand,
  • and, on the other hand, capital knowledge, pragmatism, flexibility, consistency in bespoke work delivery to build up long lasting business relationship.

Our ultimate value proposition is to impact positively the value chain of any client thanks to the independent expertise of our valuable talents.

We take pride to promote our independent experts to deliver outstanding work on a regular basis.

Being forward-thinker is important for our teams to generate true sustainable value-add on behalf of our clients.

We want to grow to become a top global independent consulting firm with a fresh mindset.



Corporate Bankers

Chartered Accountants



Private Bankers

Financial Advisors