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Fund structuring services

Damalion experts work across an extensive range of tax specialisms including all fund compliance and fund structuring and offer advice covering all areas necessary for creating funds.

We have substantial experience in incorporating funds and advising different types of clients, ranging from large consolidated entities to entities launching their first fund, especially in the field of venture capital. Whether you want to create a new fund or want to invest in an existing fund, we have all the expertise you need to structure your fund efficiently.

Our services 

Our services include advising on asset management, and investment fund structuring for all asset classes and investment types, our team has comprehensive expertise in UCITS, alternative investment funds (I.e. RAIFs and SIFs), and in the structuring of investment vehicles covering areas such as private equity.

What we offer 

  • We guide clients on fund structuring, and eligible investment, draft the necessary legal documentation, and ensure that regulatory approval is obtained.
    We advise on the optimal deal structure and effecting transactions.
  • We also provide solutions to support transactions such as acquisitions, financial restructurings, and exit strategies.
  • We also advise investors on analyzing investments in other private equity funds, advising on negotiations with the companies managing the underlying funds, advising on AIFMD-related issues, and performing a tax analysis of the different investment structures.
  • We can introduce clients to service providers that meet their requirements and assist with regulatory filling with CSSF.
  • With deep knowledge of fund structuring, we can support our clients every step of the way, at every stage of the process.

In addition, to fund structuring, we offer a wide range of services for local and foreign businessmen who want to incorporate a company in Luxembourg, the leading investment fund center in Europe.

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