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Startup & Fintech

Fintech has brought significant change, impacting numerous corporate verticals, particularly the financial industry. Multiple facets of finance, including money lending, Payment processing, and insurance, have been enhanced. This change has resulted in a seamless and distinctive user experience, allowing customers to comprehend and accept Fintech with no effort.

Fintech, despite undergoing a technological revolution, has several concerns and obstacles in the future.

The most significant issues are lack of trust, transparency, security breaches, and particular client habits.

In 2020, the use of Fintech in Europe expanded by 72%, accompanied by significant investments in Fintech. Nonetheless, such an improvement can have unexpected effects, the most important of which are new security risks. Every 39 seconds, fresh cyberattacks are launched, indicating that cybercrime is rising. Unfortunately, Fintech companies are one of the most common targets for hackers.

It should not come as a shock that as more individuals rely on digital money management, fintech companies have more meaningful data than ever before to secure. Even huge, respectable companies, including national credit bureaus and top Forex brokers, may be susceptible to data breaches.

How we assist

Investment opportunities

Damalion help you identify business opportunities in your sector as we know that deal sourcing is crucial for your expansion and goals.

Choosing the right investment vehicles

Damalion builds up Expert teams to assist international investors in identification of the right corporate structuring solutions to set up regulated or unregulated investment funds or special purpose vehicles setup.

Work alliance and sustainable value

Damalion fintech consultants are structured to guide clients and are familiar with the quickest, obstacle-free route to help clients achieve their specific goals. They provide actionable information on what works and what doesn’t and how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Superior strategy

We build up expert teams with a deep knowledge of fundamental financial technologies like security, data analytics, artificial intelligence, encryption, and blockchain. We also offer strategic consultation if you have not yet determined which financial technology to implement.

Business development & expansion

Our specialists can assist you in identifying missing possibilities, such as new or extra products and services that can satisfy your clients’ needs.

Methods and operations

When our fintech specialists determine how new and existing processes and operations may work with optimum efficiency and effectiveness, their value increases.

Infrastructure & cloud migration

Occasionally, a trained eye is required to help determine what changes must be made to your infrastructure to enable business modernization and expansion. Suppose you have current on-premises infrastructure and require assistance evaluating cloud service providers. In that case, as you grow, Damalion selected experts bring you tailor-made solutions for proportionate cloud migration and optimization.

What we bring

Our fintech specialists can assist you in choosing the optimal course of action using a variety of products and tactics, including:

Marketing Strategy

Suppose you have a strong idea or a minimally viable product but don’t know how to launch it. In that case, we can help you devise a clever approach so you can speed up your go to market.

Requirements & Features

If you are uncertain what your product must provide in terms of business operations or how to prioritize the features you have in mind, Damalion expert team can use their analytical knowledge to identify and articulate the functional requirements for your product and what your market expects from you.

Architecture Assessment

The high-level architecture of your fintech solution is essential to your company’s future growth and expansion. Damalion’s fintech advisers can evaluate your current technology deployment so you can make the required adjustments in the future.

Point-of-Sale Access Points

We leverage our experience and expertise to evaluate the sales gateway that makes the most sense for your business or whether a custom solution is more appropriate.


We select experts with specific knowledge in financial technology who can examine your system for security flaws and help you prepare for robust protection as your business grows.

Accounting Efficiency

Damalion experts determine which integration technologies you can rely on and create a plan to help your existing systems be connected with your new accounting system.

Vendor Evaluation & Selection

Assessing third-party alternatives might be daunting. We select the right finance specialists to identify which vendors and platforms are optimal for your project.

Want to know more about Startup & Fintech with Damalion?

Damalion offers you from bespoke advice provided by directly operational experts in the fields that challenge your business.

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