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Thinking out of the box, all Damalion experts offer you the best thoughtful approach to create value for your customers, maximize value for your stakeholders while your brand gets stronger, continuously.

Strategy consulting services

We combine deep industry expertise, advanced analytics capabilities and human-centered approaches to help our clients shape their business strategies and drive growth.

What you look for ?

Leverage your resources to generate more growth

Our experts aims at supporting you in your transformation journey.

Our zero-based budgeting mindset will offer you a stable guidance to carry out positive change in your business.

  • Align strategy management and transformation cost
  • Improve transparency and accountability: people in charge take ownership of the expenditures and use of resources
  • Develop a culture of ambidextrous business : your whole business is gradually capable of managing legacy products and getting into culture of change and transformation : digital strategy is a pillar of the process but not the whole one
  • Design and develop a culture of innovation throughout the different components of your organization so each team member is a researcher committed to value creation who goes beyond the contractual execution
  • Develop a startup culture which embraces failure and incremental success along the entrepreneur journey so your organization leverages its resources to generate new business opportunities and new sources of growth.

  Minimize operating waste to optimize business execution

Being an adaptive organization is more than ever a must for those who want to navigate the new normal made of disruption and unpredictability.

Damalion experts help you re-align your strategy and your operating business modelyou’re your whole ecosystem is oriented towards a culture of efficiency, selection of best practices to create value for your customers, your shareholders while being compliant with regulations.

We guide you to leverage your capabilities and interactions between your teams and your systems to create an agile operating model robust enough to compete, to grow, to innovate and to strengthen your differenciation factor.

The ultimate goal is to anticipate and mitigate internal disruption of your business model while building an innovation shield for your organization against external disruption.

Restore trust to generate growth

Trust is the core value that helps you to outperform your competitors.

Damalion experts use trust as an intangible asset that drives products and services adoption, transformation and changes.

As some businesses struggle to maintain a local and global trust environment, our experts guide you to re-build trust among your employees, your consumers, your partners and markets.

Raising awareness of trust as a source of growth is an opportunity for your organization to attract better talents, to increase productivity combined with a self-commitment culture and it also helps to keep your message authentic, to grow your brand recognition, preference and loyalty retention.

How we make the difference

Customer development

Damalion expertise encompasses customer development metholodogies to help you design an updated customer experience which shall remain on alert to match your customers’ needs on a real-time basis.

If volatility is a component of the new normal in customer behavior, understanding your customers’ needs and problems to solve remain crucial to identify and capture growth opportunities for your organization.

Data inflation must be replaced by smart data insights based on the granular selected information of which frequency will mean hints that trends are emerging enough to convert them into stable source of growth.

We can help you design the customer insight process that justify deployment of digital technologies, internal and or external resources such as IT partnerships.

The goal is to identify a clear path to speed growth and generate additional competitive advantage.

Whether in a B2B or B2C segments, in low or highly regulated markets such as financial industry, healthcare, although complexity of customer identification may be challenging, customer development is a continuous deployment process that can help maximize value and profitability.

Our customer-based approach comforts clarity at C-level meetings. Sales, marketing, R & D, business intelligence, strategic partnerships can be leveraged to generate revenue thanks to actionable customer insights.

Demand creation

Demand creation is important for organizations to drive sustainable growth and stay ahead of competition thanks to their ability to identify, capture and deliver value to their customers.

Damalion experts help you gain a deep understanding of why your customers make some particular choices, what are their expectations, why they use some alternative solutions of acceptable performance, what inspire them, which needs or problems are critical pain points on regular frequency base..

Asset Valuation

As the value of assets may be source of disagreements between various stakeholders, Damalion experts assist you to master the valuation process and control to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Having the correct asset valuation complying with international accounting standards will help you feel more confident for regulatory approval or audit, company structuring, deal assessment and shareholder information.

Our approach consist in investigating your business model, its environment, scanning the market for future trends and addressing subjective factors that may impact the asset valuation.

Damalion experts associate the standard valuation methods of the industry with a tailor-made appraisal analysis to give you independent outcomes.

We support you for valuation of tangible and intangible assets (account receivables, inventory, machinery & equipment, real estate, intellectual property and more.

Want to know more about Recover & Grow with Damalion?

Damalion offers you from bespoke advice provided by directly operational experts in the fields that challenge your business.

We advise you to give information at its best, so we can qualify your demand and revert to you under the next 8 hours.