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At Damalion’s, we identify and qualify your needs in order to select one of our independent experts.

Each expert deploys experience and updated knowledge to match your business vision.

Our experts are accredited professionals. It is our guarantee that your incorporated structure remains at its best compliance level provided that you give them access to information required by laws and regulations.


Damalion experts offer you Luxembourg resident directors, board members to take care of your company incorporated in Luxembourg.

Individual or board of directors execute among the following tasks on behalf of your company to keep it compliant with local laws and regulations:

  • Day to day operation management
  • Monitoring of company’s activities and obligations
  • Oversight of the company’s administrative compliance
  • Review of the company’s accounting compliance, financial flows, required documentation
  • Liaise with accounting or auditing firm to keep information updated
  • Liaise with other professionals and institutions (lawyers, tax advisors, banks, notaries,…)
  • Attending annual meetings, board meetings, ad hoc meetings
  • Implementing best practices in terms of governance aligned with the company’s best interests.

Damalion directorship experts may also introduce you upon request to other experienced professionals with required specific knowledge or who may support your business vision and corporate needs.


Incorporate your Luxembourg structure



Incorporation formalities

Our selected accredited experts take care of your company formation. The incorporation management process includes:

  • Liaise with your regular advisors (lawyers, tax experts,…)
  • Checking availability of company’s name
  • Materialize incorporation nearby the public notary by due proxy
  • Bank account opening, set shareholders’ register

Accredited domiciliation

The Luxembourgish law of May 31st, 1999, often said “Domiciliation law” regulates the activity of domiciliation and sets out specific requirements to comply with.

Our selected accredited experts offer:

  • Domiciliation services in the state of the art to get your registered office duly compliant
  • Secretarial services to handle with your correspondence
  • Office rental support.

Lifecycle management and company formation services

It is mandatory to have your accounting information and documentation up to date.

Based on your business model requirements, a dedicated chartered accountant will liaise with you to offer:

  1. Accounting services : books and records maintained in accordance with legal obligations, issuance of statutory financial statements, statutory periodic reporting, offering even technical support to statutory auditors to optimize the good standing of your company
  2. Tax compliance services: your dedicated accountant prepares, files company’s tax returns, and complies with periodic tax declarations and obligations (such as VAT).

Value-added: your dedicated chartered accountant shall prepare financial statements under Luxembourg Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (LUXGAAP) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Liquidation services

One of our dedicated experts can be appointed as liquidator and shall handle with liquidation accounting, balance sheets, reporting, related tax obligations and coordinate with shareholders, notaries, local administrations and public formalities to achieve successful entity’s liquidation.

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Human resources and Employee services

Damalion expertise covers employee recruitment and we can liaise with your main HR department to source the right staff in order to achieve a good standing of your company’s operations in Luxembourg.

Notice: chartered accountants execute their mandate independently as required by laws. Damalion company is not a chartered accountant company and does not introduce itself as such.