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Investment Management

Since emerging from the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, the asset management business has the task of reinventing itself in response to a confluence of market factors and megatrends, including:

  • New investment and other customer requirements
  • Technological and digital advancements
  • A major change in the asset flow from active to passive funds
  • escalating charge and margin strain
  • Macroeconomic variables

Recent market volatility and a short transition period have added to the difficulties facing the asset management sector. This volatility has contributed to more regulation expansion, fee pressures, margin compression, and shifting investor and consumer tastes and expectations. Consequently, we believed it would be advantageous for our prospects and clients if we brought them all together for analysis and advice.

Today’s banking CEOs are confronted with many obstacles, including the industry-wide transformation brought on by factors like evolving business models, rising regulatory and compliance constraints, and new technology.

How we assist

We build up ad hoc teams consisting of highly regarded former or existing bankers, restructuring and turnaround professionals, specialists in business transformation, forensic experts, CPAs, CFAs, attorneys, economic experts, technology professionals, strategic communications experts, former technicians. All of them possess extensive industry knowledge and expertise for finance and Investment Banking, as well as Valuations.

Our specialist mergers and acquisitions professionals offer a whole spectrum of services, ranging from M&A advising to capital raising to transaction assistance and everything in between. Additionally, we offer our clients a comprehensive range of company/business and asset valuation services.

We select financial advisors to work with clientele according to an agreed Discretionary or non discretionary Portfolio Management framework in respect of client’ constraints and level of risk you are comfortable with.

In this system, every cent is invested according to the instructions you supply. Although, the selected experts will offer you the most pertinent advice based on our interpretation of the Investment Policy Statement, the ultimate responsibility for the investment decisions rests with you.

What we bring

Damalion experts helps banks and financial institutions across the many phases of the economic cycle and in an operational, competitive, and regulatory environment in a perpetual state of flux. Our professionals assist customers with the complete range of financial services, including risk management, financial and operational performance, compliance, regulatory inquiries, enforcement actions, litigation threats under supervision of lawyers, enterprise value, and protection.

Want to know more about Investment Management with Damalion?

Damalion offers you from bespoke advice provided by directly operational experts in the fields that challenge your business.

We advise you to give information at its best, so we can qualify your demand and revert to you under the next 8 hours.