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Power & Utilities

Difficult issues of increasing renewable energy, assuring stability and resiliency, preserving security, and reducing costs are still present. The electric power sector continues its “3D” revolution of decarbonization, digitization, and decentralization to meet this tough challenge. We see the developments of new technology deployment, market dynamics, large capital expenditures, and renewable capacity expansion within a regulatory framework in flux.

Parties involved in the generation, transmission, and trading of electricity confront a variety of strategic, financial, reputational, customer, and regulatory obstacles.

Green Technologies, Mobility, and Efficiency

Increasing energy prices, innovative technology, and demand to minimize pollution and emissions require businesses to change how they handle energy. In addition, new opportunities are emerging due to the declining costs of energy storage, digital innovations, the expansion of the hydrogen economy, and a changing mobility market, which includes electric vehicles and alternate solution powertrains, connected and autonomous cars and trucks, as well as on-demand mobility and shared services.

Energy Retail & Services Society-wide decarbonization objectives have led to rapid changes in the generating mix, the emergence of new asset classes, and a continual evaluation of investments and divestments. Integration of digital technologies across the energy market has improved grid connection and system performance and provided customers with robust alternatives for energy consumption, energy sourcing, and energy management. These intricate market developments establish a new utility planning, policymaking, and investors paradigm.

How we assist

Damalion experts offer a vast array of consulting services in cleantech, mobility, and efficiency that cover businesses’ strategic, financial, operational, technical, reputational, regulatory, and capital requirements as the energy and mobility sectors continue to experience disruption.

We assist customers in clearly evaluating resilience, dependability, and innovative stakeholder engagement strategies. We build up ad hoc expert team of economists, engineers, and C-suite executives, with proven experience running utilities, will help you negotiate these issues and capitalize on new possibilities with their market-leading knowledge.

Market Structure, Rates, and Regulation

Global energy markets have seen considerable regulatory changes over the past few decades, resulting in competitive wholesale energy markets that aim to strengthen economic signals between generators and consumers and manage resources efficiently. These energy markets, including energy-only markets, capacity markets, and ancillary and other service markets, have been designed, analyzed, and integrated with the assistance of our specialists.

International clients, including market players, system operators, and regulators, seek unique knowledge as they negotiate the design difficulties of an ever-changing market, including incorporating renewable power, rising reliability standards, and greater flexibility.

Damalion knowledge covers economics, finance, statistics, and public policy, resulting in a novel approach to assisting utilities in presenting persuasive arguments to regulators to be adequately rewarded for the risk they assume. We build up Damalion expert teams to testify and write reports on various issues, including the cost of capital (ROE), capital structure, incentive design, and management audits.

Power & Renewable

Low gas prices, slow growth in mature power generation markets, barriers to entry (both low and high), extra and idled plant capacity, the reliance of renewable assets on caring government policy incentives, global commoditization and cost-effective natural gas alternatives, development of innovative technologies, and entry into new markets are just rare challenges faced by companies involved in power generation.

What we bring

Damalion experts bring comprehensive services that meet the needs of all firms active in the utility-scale generation, including thermal, solar, wind, and biomass, and developing low-carbon clean technologies and energy storage.

Transmission & Delivery

Transmission and distribution businesses need utility specialists having experienced with senior roles in the sector in Europe and the United States to help them explore prospects, establish strategies, and make choices.

Our experts can interpret and evaluate the most current regulatory frameworks for transmission and distribution globally to assist stakeholders in establishing strategies and optimizing the regulatory relationship.

What we bring

Damalion partners with power and utility specialists having the industry expertise and analytic problem-solving skills necessary to overcome these obstacles effectively.

What we bring

We nurture worldwide network and expertise in regional markets in order to serve clients in strategic markets.

Our experts identify important challenges and handle structural changes in the power sector, competing regulatory frameworks, and prevalent contractual conflicts. They help you enhance operations, maximize profits and safeguard business value.

Identifying investment opportunities

Damalion nurtures a network of various professionals  to source power and utility investment opportunities in vibrant cities. We filter them based on investment criteria set by our investor portfolio.

Choosing the right investment vehicles

Damalion experts continuously support international investors in corporate structuring solutions. Investor may setup regulated or unregulated investment funds and incorporate special purpose vehicles to carry out their international investments and secure their external growth.

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