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Transport specialists are extremely concerned about the rapid pace of innovation. Technology is spreading like a virus. Consequently, many logistics companies have struggled to stay up with technological advancements.

As digital disruption & innovation become integral components of many firms’ overall strategies, a great deal must shift. To maximize the value of an organization’s digital investments, supply chain and logistics must assume a different roles.

Supply chain synchronization

Commerce has globalized. Currently, things are purchased and sold to and from individuals from all over the world. To effectively manage global trade flows and geopolitics, it is crucial to know the effects of demand and supply.

Nevertheless, supply chain integration is not limited to compliance with current trade regulations. To avoid data storage, businesses must integrate all critical points within the supply chain. Improving shipping’s adaptability is one of the most serious difficulties facing the transportation sector.

Because of technological advancements, client expectations are shifting. In addition, as customers grow more information-savvy, they want their transport services to keep them updated throughout the whole process.

Similarly, due to the exploding amount of available data, customers want to choose a company that meets their requirements. This suggests that the era of catch-all solutions is rapidly diminishing. It is being replaced by a more prominent supply chain driven by innovation.

Transport specialists must provide clients with the possible value with such information at hand. It indicates that they will have to understand the effects of technological developments on the shipping process to provide clients with visibility into each phase.

What we bring

Whether you are a shipper, a carrier, a manufacturer, a logistics service provider (LSP), a financing provider, or a private equity (PE) firm, we build up expert team to improve your business and meet your objectives.

How we assist

Our selected experts may help you for warehouse optimization, e-commerce, the adoption and application of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) as well as Transportation Management Systems (TMS), overturn logistics, insource/outsource/Third-Party Logistics (3PL), & interim management.


Due to the increased pressures that e-commerce imposes on global supply chains, our clients must adapt their transportation and logistics networks to satisfy their customers’ SLAs (service level agreements). Damalion experts support clients in meeting market demands by determining the optimal inventory levels and distributions, selecting the appropriate picking and order-fulfilment technologies, and integrating or establishing on-demand warehousing.

In terms of Insource/Outsource/Third-Party Logistics (3PL), when businesses evaluate their capital expenditures connected to warehousing and logistics, Damalion experts can assist them in making more informed decisions regarding insourcing, outsourcing, and the selection of a 3PL provider. We have expertise in migrating customer operations to any three available alternatives.

Interim Management

Unanticipated circumstances leave businesses in need of temporary management or C-suite positions. Until our customers are ready to supply a full-time employee for this role, our specialists can assume various leadership roles to assist in managing daily operations and company strategy.

Reverse logistics

In turn, the exponential growth of e-commerce has dramatically increased the need for companies to have expertise in reverse logistics and returns processing, adequate space to store the product, a process flow to handle the returns, and a facility layout that optimizes their handling efficiency.

We select professionals with years of expertise managing and executing reverse logistics operations for e-commerce enterprises and high-tech, fashion, consumer goods, and retail industries.

Warehouse Management Systems

Fluctuating customers’ demands are straining clients’ WMS (warehouse management systems)/Transportation management system (TMS). To keep up with the rise in warehouse and transportation volumes, the industry is updating its WMS/TMS systems rapidly. Our expertise may assist international clients in selecting the optimal WMS/TMS for their needs and supervise the deployment or integration into their operations.

Warehouse Effectiveness

We examine the operational efficiency of our client’s current warehouse operations in collaboration with them. We build up ad hoc expert teams with extensive expertise in optimizing warehouse footprints for global supply chains, enhancement of process flows inside the four walls, asset usage, labor productivity. They bring clients their capabilities to establish and monitor warehouse SLAs (service level agreements) and KPIs.

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Damalion offers you from bespoke advice provided by directly operational experts in the fields that challenge your business.

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