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Working with us

Damalion experts express their independent thinking while being team players

Our X Factor finds its essence in the interaction that we nurture with our experts.

When a consultant knows that he or she can accept or refuse to work on a project, can arbitrate about the time frame to deliver results and can have a better control over how he or she will contribute to our customers’ success, this outstanding expert enjoys committing and delivering sustainable positive impacts.

We want you to be a source of inspiration for our clients.

Communication at its best.

It is our commitment towards you to communicate with you so you love working with us.

  • we understand your personality, your personal and professional aspirations to caliber the projects that best suits your expertise
  • we promote you as a professional of your field and as a person
  • we clean up the way for you so you focus on your mission and outstanding performance
  • we facilitate your interaction with other teams members, so the team moves forward in a smooth way.