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Transportation & Logistics

The transportation sector is under extreme stress. Companies must transport items from A to B despite the unpredictability of the weather. Nonetheless, some of these obstacles may be overcome with automation enhancements that improve efficiency and speed while addressing workforce issues and rising product demand.

The polls revealed that businesses rush to supply items to obtain a competitive edge while clinging to obsolete systems. In the transportation business, a lack of automation can make weather and traffic forecasting and route planning difficult, resulting in greater fuel costs and a loss of qualified workers. However, enterprises do not need to automate their whole fleets to realize automation’s benefits. Before investing in autonomous fleets of the future, they might take a series of modest actions that bring immediate relief and a good return on investment.

According to seventy percent of study respondents, speed and accurate estimated delivery times (ETD) are now their greatest problems. Thus it makes logical that automation systems addressing challenges connected to time on the road will help organizations reach their logistical objectives the most effectively.

However, deploying automation technologies such as freight tracking and routing software presents obstacles. According to our research, the primary obstacles to satisfying speed and predictive criteria are:

  • Poor traffic forecasts
  • Price of fuel
  • Poor weather forecasts
  • The price of fleet upkeep
  • A shortage of skilled drivers
  • Poor routing schemes

Luckily, a lot of these issues may be resolved through automated tactics and digital transformation.

What we bring

Damalion identifies potential targets that can be acquired or invested on behalf of local and international investors.

In addition, Damalion builds up ad hoc team of  experts in Transportation & Logistics unit. It comprises sector specialists representing a wide range of clients and industries and providing our clients with extensive experience. They provide our clientele a unique and extensive knowledge base from expertise in all transport and logistics sectors. Whether the client is a shipper, a carrier, a manufacturer, a logistics service provider (LSP), a financing provider, or a private equity (PE) firm, we help you improve your business and meet your objectives.

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