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Sustainable Finance

Our culture is undergoing significant transformations, and we are continually reminded of the unpredictability of the future. In response, businesses have only one watchword: innovation. It enables us to adapt to the changing demands of consumers and the earth, differentiate ourselves from competitors, and bypass the crisis’s impacts. Innovation is not just the key to economic success but also the answer to achieving a sustainable planet. Numerous novel alternatives, such as green bonds, portfolio 2.0, fintech, and crowdfunding, have developed in the financial sector.

The topic of sustainable finance imposes new requirements on your business. It necessitates a shift in viewpoint about markets, customers, goods, resources, and technologies. By considering sustainability holistically and integrating it with our strategic, technological, and regulatory experience, Damalion provides comprehensive advisory services on the subject of Sustainable Finance for all of your company’s essential action sectors. If you want to learn more, you should collaborate with us to capitalize on the new opportunities created by sustainability.

Damalion’s purpose is to produce superior performance for the benefit of its clients’ leadership positions.

As a sustainable finance management consulting firm, Damalion focuses on service and solutions and is distinguished by the interdisciplinarity of its spectrum of knowledge. This results in novel, inventive business model methods.

How we assist

Strategy & corporate culture

Implementing an effective sustainability plan requires setting business objectives in terms of sustainability and sustainable finance, conducting a thorough analysis of the current situation, and identifying gaps. It is the most effective method for developing an individual sustainability strategy that fulfills your customers’ needs and aligns with your corporate culture.

Investment & products

Integrating ESG (environmental social governance) aspects into your current investment process necessitates a modified ESG investment framework that permits the creation of sustainable and creative financial solutions. We assist you in developing such a framework, creating new goods following regulatory requirements, and adapting your existing operations accordingly. We can also help you evolve your advisory process with required and optional ESG modules and their related narratives.

Data & IT

A robust ESG data repository and effective IT delivery are fundamental elements for fulfilling the established sustainability objectives. By selecting, preparing, and integrating available ESG data into existing (IT) processes, our selected experts lay the groundwork for optimal risk integration and product development.

We can build up the appropriate team to assist you with automating reporting at the corporate, product, and customer levels.

Management of risk and compliance

To incorporate sustainability into your organization’s existing (risk) management systems, we closely link internal compliance, processes and structures with your sustainability objectives and risk tolerance for ESG-related threats. Through explicitly established outsourcing & supplier management requirements, sustainability is also ensured. Transparent ESG and sustainability reports help you comply with legal requirements and improve your market credibility and reputation.

What we bring

Damalion assists you in developing a sustainability plan aligned with your business strategy and easily integrated into your corporate governance and culture. We help you identify the key factors, objectives, and performance indicators that will set you apart from the competition. Our methodology integrates the needs of your customers, your stakeholders, and all other critical company players. In addition, we analyze and implement your strategy using our market and regulatory knowledge.

We will present you with a sustainability strategy that will assist you in securely establishing sustainability inside your organization. By obtaining external support for the strategy definition process, you ensure that all views and requirements are considered and that an organized and time-efficient strategy approach is followed.

In an initial phase, we assist you in studying your corporate culture and understanding how your organization “thinks” and “acts.” We devise the most effective change management strategies to steer the cultural transformation toward your sustainable objectives based on this study.

Simultaneously, we assist your management team in establishing approaches to lead the business in terms of sustainability objectives and setting an example. Depending on your organization’s structure and cultural preferences, we can help you execute specific projects.

Integrating your company’s environmental aims into its whole culture at enhancing its legitimacy.

Your organization’s sustainability objectives become a natural part of its culture through cultural integration. It allows you to use sustainability as a market differentiator, setting you apart from your competition.

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Damalion offers you from bespoke advice provided by directly operational experts in the fields that challenge your business.

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