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Damalion experts offer you an A to Z monthly support to help your business recover following local and or international crisis.

Whether you are a small business or a corporate company, we are by your side to:

  • Curb the loss of clients
  • Generate business opportunities
  • Realign existing operational capabilities and acceptable sales cycle to boost your cash position
  • Liaise with judicial professionals, lawyers, creditors and other parties you would like to negotiate with because of the critical problems you are experiencing.

Having an expertise covering more than 55 sectors, we apply the following steps to identify clear solutions that help you recover:

  1. Analyzing your business model and challenges it is facing
  2. Identifying business model innovations solutions
  3. Selecting and approving with you the business recovering plan (after checking accountancy and cash positions, financial current statements, and plausible forecasts)
  4. Internal communication deployment to have each of your workforce member’s buy-in
  5. Monitoring the plan implementation and employees’ consistent performance
  6. Accelerate growth strategy thanks to a weekly monitoring.

We focus on results. Consequently, experts may advise without any ambiguous manner to liquidate the company if there is no realistic chance to get the business back to acceptable performance metrics.

We have a very binary approach (it works or not) that helps you set the Trust environment you need to keep your whole eco-system focused on one goal: making your stabilized business model grow with a steady pace -despite a chaotic environment.

Time frame to see results: From the first month of our mission duly agreed by your care, you should be able to see positive changes.