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Structuring services for Private debt and Direct lending 

As a startup or an already established business, funding is necessary for scaling up. There are many ways of acquiring funds to further develop a company, but most usually come with extra conditions and some difficulty. To make things easier, direct lenders offered an attractive alternative: private debt loaning.

Private debt doesn’t involve banks or capital markets and is much more friendly and responsive to sector-wide challenges than the loans given by conventional banking institutions.

Before going into private debt loaning, consulting with a financial advisor can increase the chances you’ll make the best decision. And finding an eligible financial advisor doesn’t have to be difficult. Your Damalion expert is here for you. We are an independent consulting firm that provides customized solutions to meet clients’ needs.

Any type of loan can be tricky, so it’s important to understand as much as you can before moving forward with it.

Private Debt 

Private debt are loans that are generally made by non-bank investors. Private Debt offers flexible, bank-independent debt financing, for a vast range of industries, company sizes, and financing reasons.

Private debts provide tailor-made, and flexible financing solutions, in addition to fast implementation. Also, neither banks nor capital markets are required and they are convenient for medium-sized, lower-rated companies.

Depending on your business there are many types of private debt options to choose from:

  • Direct lending: this mainly focuses on providing loans to private middle market companies.
  • Distressed debt: this refers to obtaining debt securities of companies experiencing some type of financial or operational stress.
  • Special situations: this is debt or structured equity investments made to gain control of a company.
  • Mezzanine debt: this is a type of subordinated debt with embedded equity instruments attached. It is a combination of debt and equity financing.
  • Infrastructure debt: this debt fund is established to loan money to finance the building of important societal and economic needs.
  • Real estate debt: this is commonly set up by a private debt manager and backed by their investors and is commonly aimed at real estate acquisitions.
  • Venture debt: this characterizes loans made to small, early-stage businesses, usually in pair with equity arrangements.

Irrespective of the type of financing you require, the best way to find financing is through networking and connecting with investors of all kinds.
Whichever you feel is right for your business, your Damalion expert can help in making the right connection.

Our services 

  • We develop funding solution for companies and helps clients to grow their businesses.
  • We support not only in finding the ideal private debt provider but also in modifying the financing to your company’s requirements.
  • We have knowledge of the private capital markets and this has served as the development platform for our firm’s consulting services and solutions to help companies with their financial needs.
  • Our funding solution and consulting services are aimed at helping companies widen their access to capital in order to stimulate growth and build value.

We spend time understanding our client’s business models and strategic objectives, in order to provide an optimal capital solution for them.

Our debt advisory services for investors
In addition to developing funding solutions for companies, your Damalion experts also advise direct lenders, family offices, insurance companies, private credit, and mezzanine as well as other institutional investors across a wide range of private credit and structured equity transactions including but not limited to the following:

  • First Lien
  • Unitranche
  • Stretch Senior
  • Second Lien Term Loans and Notes
  • Perpetual and Redeemable Preferred
  • Equity
  • Mezzanine
  • Minority Equity Investments

We have comprehensive experience in providing advice to business shareholders from both a primary lender and strategic advisor perspective. And we operate across all primary industries, including business services, healthcare, e-commerce, energy, financial services, entertainment, infrastructure, manufacturing, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, and real estate. 

We deliver solutions-focused advice despite the challenging situation in the market today. 

Our transactions further span acquisition financing, leveraged buyouts, refinancing, recapitalization, growth capital, and asset-based financing. 

We understand the challenges in the Private debt space and this allows us to better help our clients and deliver positive business outcomes. 

Contact your Damalion experts today for a consultation on your debt solution. 

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