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Damalion brings you expertise in the following fields covered by Economic intelligence:

  • Strategy consulting from incorporation to a fully workable entity with brand and product positioning
  • Cross-border Strategic partnerships capable of generating sales aligned with your growth strategy
  • Building a network of excellence (independent and neutral) to help you save time and money on your implementation plan (suppliers, lawyers, financial service professionals, co-investors, …)
  • Workforce selection and recruitment
  • Assistance to local business continuity coordinated with local accredited professionals:
  • Your business local activity monitoring and oversight.

 We support our clients over 80 jurisdictions by leveraging our internal knowledge and our global network made of experienced professionals. 

Specific countries

Brazil USA China
Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minais Gerais New York, Florida, California Shanghai, Hong Kong
Types of companies

– Limited Liability Company (“Limitada” / “Ltda.””)

– Limited Liability Corporation – (“Sociedade Anônima” / “S.A.”)

– Silent Partnership – SCP


– O F.I.P.

(Fundos de Investimento em Participações)

– C corporations.

– S corporations.

– Limited Liability — Companies (LLCs)

– Nonprofit Organizations.

– Company Limited by Shares

– Holding Company

– Joint Ventures

– Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) – Representative Office (RO)

– State-Owned Enterprise (SOE)

– Private Enterprises

– Individually-Owned.

If you have any specific demands regarding other jurisdictions not listed, please feel free to contact us