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Employees entrepreneurial empowerment®

Damalion experts focus on Employee entrepreneurial empowerment® (E3) programs for employees.

Employee entrepreneurial empowerment® is the process of helping employees to identify themselves as entrepreneurs while completing their daily tasks.

This continuous personal improvement is an asset to be considered by each manager to be sure that each employee feels empowered to overdeliver the best of her- him-self every day.

An employee empowered with an entrepreneur mindset whether s-he works in private or public sector will understand better what achieving her/his job tasks means for the organization she belongs to.

Still, leaders need to think out of the box to innovate in terms of human management.

Helping employees to find out why and how they bring real value-added to customers, under a systemic approach is a never ending challenge.

We’re still alive to realize that bots can’t tackle this challenge in the finest way.

The result of the equation remains maximizing value for customers while shaping sustainable growth for happy shareholders.

Damalion experts offer you Employee entrepreneurial empowerment® programs for Teams and leadership training and development coaching programs for seniors and C-levels.

Employees entrepreneurial empowerment® foundations

Unpredictable crisis is often the moments when leaders think about how to keep their people on the right path and keep stability in their human capital management.

The reality is operational excellence requires commitment to embrace a culture of change by empowering people individually to keep them accountable but above all motivated to satisfy their daily routine.

Employees entrepreneurial empowerment® advantages

Our Employee entrepreneurial empowerment® help leaders:

  • get re-confirmation from their teams that they still commit to organization’s vision, its mission statement, its strategy objectives and its ultimate goals
  • stabilize their talent retention rate: when employees feel empowered as accountable not only for contractual or legal reasons, they express the alpha attitude that motivate them to keep their jobs. Unfortunately, when there is a crisis, even the highly-paid employees want a change in their lives and double their salaries unfortunately will not help
  • identify the valuable employees that feel undervalued
  • create a trust eco-system where the employees themselves will disclose their need to remediate their lack of competences : when an employee doesn’t trust an organization, s-he fears to exchange with HR about the need to strengthen competencies
  • reinvigorate teamwork as a collective intelligence force to co-create new source of growth and stimulate innovation culture
  • communicate better and carry out the big change processes set in their strategic planning.

How does Employees entrepreneurial empowerment® work?

Damalion experts have developed unique methodologies which consists in:

  • 1 to 3 hour monthly workshops : duration 9 month – renewable
  • simulation of business model innovation during workshops where small groups of employees work together in physical presence or visio-conference.

The ad hoc groups are cross-functional.

  • At the end of the sessions, teams introduce their proposals to audience.

Proposals are team made. Debriefings and lessons learned.

Employees entrepreneurial empowerment® gains

For employees: each employee is psychologically impacted by the sessions, positively.

The mental anchor created will help embrace the personal change if necessary and the organizational changes.

For leaders: managers measure and articulate the distribution of individual and collective intelligence inside their organization.

Neutrality: the workshops framework is adaptive towards diversity, nationalities, cultures and more.

Leadership development coaching programs

Damalion leadership development coaching programs are tailor-made deployment of success-proven leadership methods and tools.

These leadership tools can be implemented at each level of your organization at your convenience.

  • Leadership development coaching for non-executive roles of which functions and liabilities have a direct or indirect impact on your organization
  • Leadership development coaching for executives.

We always start from the organization’s vision, mission statement and goals to achieve. Assessing organization’s business strategy, forward milestones and challenges allow our experts to design the adequate one-on-one coaching experience, in a timely manner.

Implementation of our leadership development programs is articulated around specific, realistic, attainable and measurable goals that are defined with buy-in of all stakeholders.

Leadership development coaching advantages

Our programs are designed to support directors, managers, executives, transition managers, individual talents so they can unlock and structure their inner potential to improve individual performance and operational excellence of organizations.

Damalion behavioral centric approach helps them assess the whys of persistent barriers and latent issues that block personal well-being, organizational performance and strategic objectives achievements.

Leadership development coaching gains

For the coached persons: we help the coached persons get a greater awareness of themselves, the way they perceive themselves and interact with others. They get valuable insights to capture the moments when passive or active behaviors may impact positively or negatively their work roles or even their relationships.

We provide clear tools to raise sustainable personal changes that can help coached persons boost their work performance and inspire others.

Neutrality: the workshops framework is adaptive towards diversity, nationalities, cultures and more.