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Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, chemical producers worldwide have encountered an ever-changing array of obstacles, including plant blackouts and movement restrictions, shipping and trucking delays, raw material shortages, and more.

The Oil, Gas, and Chemicals industry has adapted to several obstacles.

Oil and gas firms operate in a constantly shifting economic, competitive, and regulatory environment. Inconsistent legal and regulatory frameworks, frequent contractual disputes, and market volatility all present the sector and its firms with huge difficulties and possibilities.

Exploration & Manufacturing

High risks and substantial returns characterize the oil and gas industry. There are significant prospects, such as decreasing energy prices and the export possibilities of liquefied natural gas and crude oil, as well as formidable obstacles like regulatory and legislative concerns and increased rivalry between natural gas and oil.

We identify sector experts to help our clients overcome obstacles and maximize possibilities throughout the energy supply chain.

Gas storage and transport

Gas processing, storage, and transportation include preparing and transporting products for sale. In this industry, which is booming, there is a greater emphasis on recruiting money, especially through master limited partnerships (MLPs).

We select experts to assist clients about particularly storage and transportation, with analytical rigor and a comprehensive grasp of industry rules and operations to assist customers in this sector.


Flat product demand, competition, natural gas concerns, more environmental rules are new problems for refining operations. Clients solicit assistance for refining operations experience, oil and products market understanding, and regulatory understanding expertise to manage these difficulties.


Exploration and production (E&P) companies restructure because their exploration program hasn’t generated enough money to replace reserves.

How we assist

We help with M&A planning, execution, sourcing on investment opportunities. We examine problematic merger features, such as commodity risk, majority and minority shareholding impact, and offer unique solutions. We oversee negotiations with key participants and advise on the transactional facilitation. We help emerging businesses prepare for and thrive in carveouts, spin-offs, and divestitures. When a customer is no longer dependent on a parent business or larger organization, we know what the new entities need, the importance of transition services agreements, and how to set up these new organizations.

What we bring

Based in key global markets, Damalion experts bring a comprehensive understanding of the inter-dependencies affecting the oil and gas division to talk the full range of client needs, including transactions, investigations, regulatory support, and environmental analysis, as well as strategic business consulting, restructuring support, interim management, strategic communications.

What we offer

Damalion experts are selected based on their proven knowledge in the oil and gas industry’s economics, finance, and operations to assist customers in operational excellence. We provide private consulting engagements utilizing our firm’s industry expertise and computer capacity to review massive data sets and identify facts that may be valuable for our clients’ interests.


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