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Luxembourg ESG Strategy and Compliance

The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) stands for the non-financial metrics that stakeholders and investors consider in their evaluation to assess a business operation’s social and environmental impact.

The demand for corporate social responsibility increases with more and more organizations and lawmakers calling for sustainability. Consequently, the ESG Strategy and Compliance has become a critical aspect of running businesses and evaluating investments.

The ESG metrics vary but often include the following:

  • Environmental (environment conservation)
    • climate crisis
    • deforestation
    • pollution
    • energy
  • Social (communities)
    • consumer data protection
    • gender equality
    • human rights
  • Governance (leadership standards)
    • anti-bribery
    • anti-corruption
    • transparency
    • political contributions

 Developing an ESG Strategy

Damalion offers you tailor-made support to help you develop an effective ESG strategy by articulating all ESG factors. We identify your company’s risk and leverage it into growth business opportunities.

Thus, we are able to strengthen your business model’s resilience and its valuation when it comes to attracting investors and talents.

Our strategy and compliance services are designed to help you in achieving the following goals:

  • protect your company from environmental and social disruption
  • preserve your capital and supply chain along with your value chain
  • maintain compliance with mandatory and voluntary regulations
  • attract talented professionals
  • expand to a diverse group of investors
  • improve your company’s reputation.

ESG compliance

The ESG compliance evaluation identifies gaps and opportunities to account for in developing an ESG strategy for you.

We analyze your structure across the following: environment, social, governance, ESG strategy, and ESG management. More importantly, as we help you set, adjust the compliance regulatory framework of your business model and activity, our ESG compliance support aims at preventing your company from being caught unprepared by future disruption. It also makes your company more resilient to future changes in sustainability regulations.

In summary, Damalion evaluates your company’s ESG compliance through the following steps:

  • Evaluate sectoral, regional, internal, and external information
  • Evaluate your ESG compliance assessment
  • Identify material risks and ESG gaps
  • monitor regulatory developments to ensure that your procedures, policies and processes are ESG compliant
  • Collect insights, assess potential risks, and identify businesss opportunities if requested.
  • Design an action plan for ESG risk mitigation and continuous updated ESG compliance framework
  • Formulate advice about your investees in case for example you are position in Private equity
  • Review opportunities to escalate ESG challenges in compliance with your internal lines of defence.

 ESG Financial Instrument Verification

The ESG deployment may include the purchase of sustainability-linked financial instruments. For example, green bonds are popular for funding climate action-related or environmentally friendly projects as part of an ESG strategy.

Damalion’s experts can guide you in the process of pre-issuance and post-issuance of the following bonds:

  • green bonds
  • social bonds
  • sustainability bonds
  • climate bonds

Additionally, we can also provide a second-party verification of these bonds to attract investors for you and increase investor confidence.

Contact us to get in touch with a Damalion expert for your ESG challenges.