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Capital projects & Infrastructures

Globally, we assist our clients in the planning, financing, managing, and delivering large-scale capital projects and infrastructure. Our selected experts collaborate with organizations across the entirety of a capital project’s lifetime by combining engineering, technology, sector, and finance knowledge. Our public and private sector clients include investors, contractors, owners, shareholders, and end-users.

How we assist

Through Damalion’s practical and proven experience, our team of professionals understands what contributes to the successful execution of capital projects. It can provide the necessary balance of technical, financial, and legal expertise and local marketability to attain this.

Damalion’s Capabilities in Infrastructure & Major Investments

Damalion can help by:

  • creating a rigorous project evaluation and business case creation to make a case for funding.
  • Utilizing capital in an effective, efficient, and secure manner to maximize the capital investment & determine success.
  • Creating teams that produce results and maximize the value of the Engineering, Procuring, Construction, and Management (EPCM) relationship for our clients.
  • Effectively planning, financing, and acquiring the project.
  • Creating and sustaining supervision and transparency by keeping a close eye on the time, cost, and quality through procedures, controls, and systems that are well-suited for the task.
  • Providing an operation, not just an asset, by facilitating the transition from the built environment to operations and managing and monitoring a project’s operations maintenance, decommissioning, and rehabilitation stages.

Our infrastructure & capital projects experts have hands-on expertise with practically every phase of the capital projects lifecycle.

Method and Planning

Our expert teams contribute specialized capabilities across sectors, geographies, and stages of the infrastructure life cycle, from generating finance innovations to boosting delivery competence in public institutions and the supply chain of private sector capital infrastructure projects.

Our network of Damalion professionals facilitates productive collaboration between public institutions, development agencies, private sector funders and project sponsors, based on our team extensive expertise working with government departments and public institutions.

The initiatives funded attract substantial investment because they promise to provide the anticipated return. But that promise doesn’t keep itself.

  • How should portfolio executives plan, prioritize, and pace investment?
  • Are your plans based on a thorough review of the “correct” facts, and are these data trustworthy?
  • How does the proposed project correspond with the aims of our organization?
  • How can a compelling business case and implementation plan be developed?
  • Which competencies and partners must we target?
  • Can the project even be completed?

Our Solution

Damalion offers customers the guidance, resources, and analytical knowledge to establish their investment and delivery strategy with more confidence, whether in the early phases of an individual project or across an entire portfolio.

  • Investment strategy: examining right investment vehicles, strategic choices, investment appraisal, money allocation, and project feasibility evaluation.
  • Business case creation and evaluation.
  • Risk analytics: utilizing our predictive project analytics technology to evaluate success indicators of projected investments and controls sufficiency.
  • Location / investment strategy.
  • Participation of stakeholders and community development.
  • The project’s strategy comprises the master program, risk strategy, delivery strategy, digital/technology strategy, and the development of a goal operating model, governance structure, and project controls.
  • Cost and schedule optimization: finding and executing ways to minimize the project’s initial cost and schedule baseline.
  • Tax, insurance, and regulatory consulting.

Finance and Acquisition

Project Management, Construction, and Execution

The Challenge

Funding doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Frequently, it must adhere to the project’s characteristics, risk profile, and regulatory framework. In turn, the supply chain and procurement procedure must support this finance structure, as market cycles, rules, and the entrance of new competitors are in a perpetual state of flux.

  • How might sponsors build a project’s supply chain and contractual framework to comfort equity and debt financing ?
  • How efficient is the procurement procedure for this project? Is it optimizing cost-effectiveness?
  • As banks, pension funds, and others enter the markets for project finance, are you utilizing all available funding sources?

Our Solution

Damalion continues to place itself at the forefront of the global infrastructure financial advice industry by delivering innovative solutions to trailblazing projects and closing complicated transactions in tough markets.

  • Project finance and consulting: Developing project structures that can be financed, finding and analyzing large-scale financing possibilities, and leveraging strong relationships with international banks, export credit agencies, multilateral agencies, and bond investors to build cost-effective, viable financing strategies.
  • Assistance with contract bids and procurement: Assuming a major financial role in the design of processes, collecting and preparing financial submissions, and assessing bids.
  • Refinancing to improve returns or free capital.
  • Restructuring of loan facilities and return to steady functioning of the project.
  • We can serve both public sector sponsors & private sector bidders in public-private partnerships.

Project Management, Construction, and Execution

The Challenge

The capital value of a significant project can exceed the annual revenue of a corporation. Bringing a huge and complicated project to a successful finish might feel like walking a tightrope. The demands include but are not limited to money, time, and public scrutiny.

  • How can you determine the optimal project delivery model?
  • How do you avoid value depreciation during delivery?
  • Do your project controls generate the reports you require?
  • How are your employees being prepared for operational readiness?
  • Are you maximizing the capabilities of technology?

Our Solution

From establishing the organization, governance, technology, and project controls to managing delivery and handover, we help customers execute these high-profile programs with more assurance.

  • Is your organization “capable” of executing your project(s)? We assist customers in understanding what capability, such as people, processes, and systems, they require and when to supply and grow this capability throughout its lifespan reliably.
  • With advanced expertise in analytics and the selection, acquisition, and application of digital technologies, as well as alliances with numerous capital projects software vendors, we advise the client on how to invest in the right technologies and leverage these tools to give real value in their projects.


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