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Our expertise

Damalion develops its fields of support and knowledge, continuously.

Damalion develops its fields of support and knowledge, continuously.

In all cases, our independent expertise approach is prevalent to assist our clients without unbiased understanding or perception of their respective situations, environment and challenges.

We take pride to raise our experts as reliable professionals who always recognize when they are talented and always try to orient clients when some challenges are out of their core expertise.

This makes them dependable people that clients appreciate not only for their knowledge, their critical thinking, but also because the fast-pace business change requires that experts provide answers in an appropriate time frame. Being able to recognize the limit of our own competences is also part of the professional approach we emphasize at Damalion’s.

Bespoke Touchpoint to hire vetted talent

We are structured to connect you with experienced independent professionals, directly operational, who are ready to support your organization in various fields.

Why working with us?

We want to be your confident and best partner to support your quest for sustainable growth. The success journey is challenging. We commit to invest on our side in more innovative ways to deliver top-notch expertise locally and globally.

Cost / Client Pricing    Value creation oriented
Deployment speed      Client driven

Expert experience       Robust
                                          Selected for specific skills
                                          Rigorously vetted

Talent capabilities      Operational immediately
                                         Appropriate project delivery pace

Operational excellence to achieve your goal

Damalion experts are key professionals who deliver practical solutions that solve business problems.

Their critical insights make them the perfect value-add for your organization as they are focused to deliver tangible, lasting outcomes. The ultimate goal of their personal commitment is to help you boost your market leadership, increase productivity and improve bottom line.

IT / Software Development

Digital transformation

Change Management / HR

CSR / Sustainability

Operational Improvement

Supply Chain / Procurement

Project Management

CRM / Customer Experience


Marketing / Sales

Economics/Market Research

Risk Management

Ad hoc transformation pool

We understand how hard it is to find the right talents to identify, evaluate, implement and monitor your transformation plan.

That’s why we offer you a tailor-made pool of talent specialized in transformation.

Based on your needs, our experts will coordinate their talent deployment to help you succeed your organization transformation.

Business & Process Optimisation

Reporting & Business intelligence

Digital & Automation


Finance & Risk

HR & Organizational Change

M&A Integration

System Integration, Implementation

Our core expertise


We have developed a wide range of expertise fields to help you stay at the top of regulatory compliance in your business

Global Advisory

► Strategy consulting

► Zero-based budgeting mindset

► Trust as growth generator

► Customer development

►  Demand creation

►  Asset valuation

Corporate structuring

► Corporate finance

► M& A

► Private equity

► Corporate planning

Company formation

► Directorship

► Incorporation

► Lifecycle Mgt

We distribute our expertise based on your specific profile and needs

Private Enterprise

Solo or family business entrepreneurs benefit from our experience for organic growth and sustainable value creation


For your fund projects, dedicated experts leverage their key knowledge and bespoke experience to keep your fund lifecycle on the right path


At Damalion’s, we take pride to support institutions in their commitment to make our community better through innovation culture

Family Offices

Critical thinking is our DNA and our experts stand with you to maintain your family interests on lasting success path


We also support your talent management and retention by developing our proprietary Employees entrepreneurial empowerment® and Leadership development coaching programs.

Our Leadership development coaching programs help employees with or without executive roles to improve self-performance by learning to achieve measurable and actionable objectives aligned with organization’s vision

Employees entrepreneurial empowerment® modules developed by Damalion help employees from Private or public sector to engage more in their daily routine as they learn to unleash their inner entrepreneurial mindset

Want to know more about Our Expertise with Damalion?

Damalion offers you from bespoke advice provided by directly operational experts in the fields that challenge your business.

We advise you to give information at its best, so we can qualify your demand and revert to you under the next 8 hours.