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Get access to Damalion Compliance Help Desk to stay up to date with a la carte block hours

For whom?

Damalion compliance Help Desk matches your needs if you are:

  • an organization with your own internal compliance department but you need an external independent support or it may be required by laws
  • a professional willing to implement one compliance department and you want to be guided or you need some part-time external support
  • an ad hoc compliance support as you are busy to fix critical situations and you think it is wise to get some help on the compliance matters.

What are included?

Damalion compliance help desk offers block hours of compliance support on a monthly basis. You benefit from:

  • support on technical compliance points
  • practical assistance on compliance issues
  • guidance on best practices.

Damalion compliance Help Desk helps you align your governance, risk management and operational pillars with regulatory compliance.

By who?

Damalion experts support you monthly on your compliance issues so you are not under rush to fix serious challenges that may endanger your organizational stability and reputation.

Our experts are professionals of regulatory framework and compliance for various industries, businesses and products.

They will provide you with an unbiased expertise so you can remain focused on your strategic objectives. They will re-assess your needs and propose you bespoke solutions that will be actionable to maximize your compliance responsiveness.

Select your plan to access the best suitable compliance support for your organization

Numbers are in euros and net of taxes.

Each plan is subscribed for 12 months. And may be cancelled at any time with just a 30 day prior notice.

If you want to benefit from Damalion Compliance Help Desk, please :

  • click the “Book now” button of your selected plan, you will be invited to send us an email. We answer you under the 12 next hours
  • or, choose your plan and contact us via email sent to


Damalion compliance help desk gives you access to regulatory compliance support within monthly block hours.

This solution offers you the flexibility you need to keep running your business and operational excellence with the dedicated experience of Damalion independent experts.

How to start with Damalion Compliance Help Desk ?

In order to get support from Damalion Compliance Help Desk :

  1. Choose your plan and send us an email
  2. When we qualify and assess your needs, if you agree, you will be redirected to payment link or you pay by wire transfer
  3. Upfront payment being done, you are contacted by your dedicated Damalion expert. Depending on your policies, you will set the procedure for expert to execute the mission
  4. Our online service will monitor your hour usage and notifications about of your remaining balance will be sent to you on a regular basis.
How long is the subscription plan?

Each subscription plan is a renewable 12 month duration. You may contact us for other frequency you may need. Please keep in mind that 4 times a year is the minimum for the expert to offer you the best follow-up about your compliance status.

You may cancel your plan at any time under a 30 day prior notice. This flexibility is much appreciated by clients and also by our experts who can arbitrate independently if the mission complies with their ethics or risk management.

What are services included in block hours?

Damalion Compliance Help Desk offer you tailor-made compliance support depending on your business requirements. Nevertheless, please consider the following examples of tasks which may be included in your plan:

– drafting and reviewing compliance procedures and policies

– liaising with third parties such as auditors, banks, management companies, the CSSF…

– monitoring latest developments to ensure that the company (for a ManCo for example) is compliant with the applicable rules and regulations

– providing compliance support

– participating in compliance related projects and regulatory initiatives

– continuous involvement in monitoring of regulatory developments

– conducting due-diligence reviews on customers/investors, service providers, distributors, stakeholders…

– advising on underlying client documentation required to have the investor/customer file compliant

– review AML-escalations (suspicious transaction reports (STR), suspicious activity reports (SAR); PEPs   (Politically Exposed Persons)

– compliance/AML analysis in the acceptance process of new client relationships or investment vehicles

– assessing, monitoring your processes about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ; measuring impacts, awareness-raising among teams and bespoke training if requested.

What are the deliverables made through Damalion Compliance Help Desk?

Damalion Compliance Help Desk support those in need of guidance to stay up to date regarding applicable compliance to their industry and organization type : (chief) compliance officers, Senior Manager Officers (SMOs), Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLROs) and other professionals concerned about compliance affairs.

Our exchanges with you as a client are executed for your dedicated personal attention and are confidential communications.

Our service does not include delivery of legal opinion as this service doesn’t constitute a legal consultation. Please liaise with your regular lawyer to get such formal legal advice.

When does the subscription plan start?

If you agree on terms and conditions, you will need to pay upfront your first month. You will agree with our expert when operations start.