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Residential Real Estate

The investment climate has become more complex, affecting factors other than “location.” Owners, consumers, investors, and lenders must navigate an unpredictable, post-pandemic real estate market, including shifting capital markets, a changing economy, new technology, changing consumer habits, fluctuating price and liquidity, and complicated industry rules and compliance difficulties.

As rental units remain in high demand, average rental charges continue to rise (especially in dense metropolitan locations and core urban markets), strengthening multi-residential property investors.

80% of real estate investors fear growing building prices globally. Many have seen how supply chain issues have increased prices and slowed construction timetables.

The supply chain issues have disproportionately affected smaller-scale development projects, such as residential renovations and retrofits. Larger development enterprises are better positioned to react (since supplier agreements and workaround mechanisms are in place).

How we can help you

Damalion offers a complete and comprehensive suite of solutions and capabilities customized to each client to transform market challenges into business opportunities and achieve significant outcomes.

Identifying investment opportunities
Damalion nurtures a network of various professionals  to source residential real estate opportunities in vibrant cities. We filter them based on investment criteria set by our investor portfolio.

Choosing the right investment vehicles
Damalion experts assist international investors in corporate structuring solutions whether to set up regulated or unregulated investment funds or incorporate special purpose vehicles to maximize overall net margin and business profit along with stability of the business modelling.

Outsourcing accounting and finance processes
Our ad hoc team consists of accounting and financial specialists who have served as audit partners, CFOs, chief accounting officers, controllers, and others with extensive knowledge of the real estate and real estate financing sectors.

Tax structuring, compliance, and due diligence services
These services are provided by seasoned Tax Advisory and compliance professionals of Damalion for all types of transactions, including acquisitions, sales, refinancings, and debt and equity restructurings.

Reoganization, restructure debts advice
Damalion experts guide you through the process of reorganization, the sourcing of financing. Our senior Restructuring Advisory specialists contribute to successful turnarounds by providing advice on stabilizing finances and operations and assuring all stakeholders that proactive measures are being taken to increase value. It helps ensure that all parties involved are satisfied with the progress being made.

Liquidity predictions, improve cash flow management, evaluate and build firm plans
We investigate strategic choices, obtain additional funding, assist with negotiations, and handle complex debt restructurings. In addition, we offer advising and analytical services to the creditors and lenders of distressed borrowers to maximize the recovery of those parties.

Want to know more about Residential real estate with Damalion?

Damalion offers you from bespoke advice provided by directly operational experts in the fields that challenge your business.

We advise you to give information at its best, so we can qualify your demand and revert to you under the next 8 hours.