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Aviation (Private & Corporate)

The aviation industry is a world encompassing a massive workforce and contributing a significant percentage to the global economy. The sector was set for considerable growth, challenges notwithstanding, until the pandemic hit, after which it plummeted considerably. Yet, it is fair to state that despite the economic impact of COVID-19 on the aviation industry, it has been on the road to recovery and may very well get back to the mainstream in a few years.

Fuel supply and costs have impacted the aviation business for nearly three decades. High jet fuel prices hurt aviation’s finances. As the number of aviation grew, fuel prices skyrocketed, creating a vicious spiral. Alternative fuels haven’t proven too effective. Therefore fuel efficiency is a crucial aviation industry concern.

The global economic challenges the aviation market. The 2008 recession devastated the aviation industry. As the global economy falls, travel prices and passenger numbers rise. The recession’s influence on tourism also affects the aviation business.

As aviation expands to new countries and routes, it must consider regional market conditions and volatility. When seeking international expansion, aviation must also consider different nations’ economic growth conditions.

The aviation industry‘s success rests on delighted passengers. No traveler is alike. Hence a portion of customers will always be unsatisfied. This has pushed aviation to maintain seamlessness throughout – air travel, security, airport lineups, baggage claim, customer care, etc.

Therefore, the aviation sector does play a fundamental role in today’s society. Still, it is also important to highlight that it has its fair share of challenges. From battling recessions to government regulations and terrorism to labor shortages, there are numerous issues this sector has been facing.

On a microscopic scale, leaders must keep an eye out for little devices that cause significant changes, especially in aviation systems. For instance, travelers may now use aviation applications to wait in line for their flights digitally or voluntarily take another flight when being overbooked. Pilots may save time by utilizing applications for automatic flight monitoring and logbook updates. Thanks to significant advancements in cloud-based computing, data storage, and security, portable devices will become increasingly prevalent in aviation technology systems.


How we assist

Our aviation specialists utilize their vast knowledge to serve as valuable partners. We analyze the difficulties of today and anticipate the aspirations of tomorrow. Using our in-depth industry knowledge and practical experience, we assist customers in making solid strategic, operational, and financial business decisions.

Investment opportunities

Damalion’s transaction methodology is unique. We facilitate sell- and buy-side customers assess, appraise, and assess deal opportunities at the pre-transaction stage. We may also help to identify investors for private equity in aircraft industry on a global scale along with commercial loans or syndicated loans.

Choosing the right investment vehicles

Damalion expert team assists international investors to setup th right corporate structuring solutions which may be regulated or unregulated investment funds or special purpose vehicles .

We also review the tax impacts and propose solutions to optimize the return on investment.

The airline and aviation sector is among the most inspected and regulated globally. Damalion assists aviation and aviation-related businesses in navigating the ever-changing operating environment.

Business Restructuring

Our business transformation experts assist management in reshaping strategy, optimizing processes, and stabilizing the balance sheet.

Transmissions & Regulatory

Our selected  experts support clients with strategic communications and advisory services which include:

– the management of public relations, investor relations, labor & union relations, and private memos;

– planning of communication systems with different stakeholders (e.g., customers, vendors, lessors, business associates);

– digital communication services (e.g., microsite, video, visualizations);

–  public and government affairs.

In addition, clients may request and get assistance in the following fields: business plan reviews and due diligence, fleet optimization, sourcing, procurement, and supplier relationship management, labor optimization and negotiations, network optimization, and maintenance and ground operations improvement.


We utilize our aviation knowledge to give support across the entire transaction life cycle. Our expert team’s The practical knowledge of our experts enables them to understand and address your challenges swiftly. Whether representing buyers, sellers, or lenders, our transaction specialists provide thorough due diligence guidance and hands-on assistance.

What we bring

Recovery & Restructuring

Our restructuring specialists increase cash flow and management, get extra funding, negotiate loan covenant exemptions, and direct complicated debt restructurings for businesses in distress.

Appointed experts deliver value through the control of the restructuring process, liquidity management, balance sheet restructuring, lender and creditor recoveries, and reorganization plans.

Dispute & Valuation Advisory

We may selected aviation experts to address clients’ difficulties and maximize value with recovery & valuation services. Those services may include hedging & derivatives analyses, and solvency views.

Accredited experts evaluate for example, the economic impact of government rules, price-fixing, and cyber-security advising services.

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Damalion offers you from bespoke advice provided by directly operational experts in the fields that challenge your business.

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