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Automotive Industry

The automobile sector, a rising giant crucial to the global economy, has faced problems in the previous 5 years. Global technology changes have encouraged a quick analysis of the auto industry’s difficulties and inventive solutions. Despite manufacturers’ proactivity, this is the situation.

COVID-19 has harmed the global auto industry. The pandemic triggered some of the car industry’s biggest challenges overnight.

A new era for the automobile industry began once COVID-19 took effect, as manufacturers grappled with declining car sales, production halts, strict procedural requirements, a lack of shared mobility, and substantial financial losses. The industry faced several obstacles before the pandemic. It is crucial as the sector overcomes present constraints.

The auto sector is recovering from the outbreak. Increased savings and low lending rates have increased the car industry.

SUVs and SUV crossovers are the most popular cars in all areas. It eliminates once-vast variations in model type popularity between areas, such as Europe’s predilection for small automobiles and America’s for bigger vehicles.

Electric, driverless, and connected automobiles are becoming more important, making working with industry specialists more important than ever.

How we assist

Damalion may help you build up from the portfolio of investment opportunities in Automotive to the competent IT team to carry out your project in Automotive industry.

Investment opportunities

Damalion’s transaction methodology is unique. We help sell- and buy-side customers assess, appraise, and uncover deal opportunities at the pre-transaction stage.

Choosing the right investment vehicles
Damalion selects experts to assist international investors in identification of the right corporate structuring solutions whether to set up regulated or unregulated investment funds or special purpose vehicles setup. The main goal will still be to maximize overall net margin and business profit along with stability of the business modelling.


Fast technology progress and digitization of goods and processes threaten automotive and industrial businesses. Damalion helps clients navigate the ever-changing technical landscape to reap digital transformation advantages. Our real-world knowledge helps us create solutions that maximize ROI.

Business Restructuring

Our automotive industry experts provide decades of practical knowledge of financial performance, operations, and global expansion difficulties. Damalion professionals focus on the complete business continuum alongside our clients to examine and implement financial, supply chain, and operational solutions.

Smart, green transportation

Clean and Smart Mobility advises customers on how to navigate this challenging climate and capitalize on new possibilities. Damalion experts advise on strategic and transactional needs and transformative technologies such as electric automobiles and alternative powertrains, connected and autonomous, and mobility/shared services.

Managing Interim

We appoint interim managers have automotive sector knowledge to help boards and executive teams in interim management and turnaround scenarios. The ad hoc interim management team includes C-suite and level 2 competence. We can respond quickly to offer continuity, manage risk, reduce costs, boost liquidity, and involve automotive industry stakeholders.


Damalion helps clients enhance the profitability of their operating platform by aligning company strategy, organization, and management with day-to-day work practices and reporting. Our long-term value growth strategies are based on lean manufacturing and data-driven issue solutions.

Effective supply chain

Damalion customizes solutions for company risks and difficulties. Our professionals optimize supply chain performance through strategic sourcing, network optimization, storage, and distribution, combining industry expertise with cutting-edge technology.


Our on-site industry experts advise commercial and financial clients throughout a transaction’s lifecycle. We use our considerable skills to plan, execute due diligence, integrate, value, and communicate around the deal.


Our restructuring team maximizes value by boosting liquidity, saving cash, managing working capital, and negotiating with stakeholders. Upon request, we may act as the debtor-in-possession, examining funding possibilities, reviewing company strategy, dealing with customers, and executing contingency plans.

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Damalion offers you from bespoke advice provided by directly operational experts in the fields that challenge your business.

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