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Damalion International Sales & Business Development services

Do you want to expand your sales internationally with success?

Damalion on the International Sales & Business Development front 

Damalion is an international consulting firm with years of experience in business, marketing, sales, legal, and finance (the list is not exhaustive). We work with SMEs or larger enterprises that are looking for help to go to the next level – global expansion.

Several businesses have trouble understanding the complexities of overseas sales, that’s why they need a firm like Damalion. We offer all kinds of services that help clients grow their businesses abroad.

How we can help 

  • Are you a sole trader, SME, or larger enterprise interested in creating a market for your products in International Markets, but don’t have the resources to establish a local presence? Damalion can help.
  • Damalion is basically a bridge providing support services to SMEs, organizations, and sole traders, who are ready for global expansion.
  • We provide insights and technical assistance to International sole traders, SMEs, and Corporations interested in successfully selling their products or services in International Markets.
  • We provide services across several major cities; we offer sales solutions in Europe, the USA, Asia, Latin America, MENA regions.

What we offer – International sales development services for corporations. 

  • We offer international sales solutions that will have a positive impact on your business
  • You can externalize your business development forces to Damalion sales team: we set the sale objectives together.
  • We perform international market research which helps us to determine the best prospects needed for the successful export of your products or services.
  • We provide local representative service to companies interested in growing their customer base in the global Markets.
  • We will provide sufficient support throughout all stages of the market-entry process.
  • We identify the suitable market for business expansion and provide a full market-entry implementation.

Why choose us? 

  • We are professionals who will help you in the sales and effective marketing of your products or services.
  • We are an international network of agents with end-to-end capabilities.
  • We can provide local linguistic and cultural business insight.
  • We have extensive portfolios of contacts in numerous industries. We also have access to a vast range of research, market data, and analytics.

Our Services 

Our clients are our main priority. We assist clients with designing and developing a growth plan for expansion, which will help them meet their goals.

  • Facilitate alliance

We assist clients in establishing new alliances with international partners, and also help establish trust among parties. We also teach about foreign buyers and the best ways to communicate with them. 

  • International B2B Sales 

Several advantages come with international b2b sales, and we are ready to help our clients to harness these advantages. 

  • Marketing Management 

We help clients to define and solidify the best medium to utilize when marketing and promoting their products and services. 

  • Tax services 

We guide clients to learn about serious aspects like local tax laws and banking regulations so they can be successful in the international market. 

In general, we’ll help you develop your market strategy, build support for your business, develop an international sales plan, identify potential buyers in the target market, and help achieve your goals. 

Want to know more about International Sales & Business Development services?

Damalion offers you from bespoke advice provided by directly operational experts in the fields that challenge your business.

We advise you to give information at its best, so we can qualify your demand and revert to you under the next 8 hours.