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Consumer Products

In recent years, the Consumer Product industries have encountered major headwinds due to long-term shifts in customer behaviour and black swan events such as the COVID-19 epidemic that expedited the move to online ordering.

The world economy will continue to influence consumer goods firms in unanticipated ways.

In today’s risk-driven climate, operational resilience is a priority for every retail, distribution, and consumer goods company’s management, board of directors, and chief executive officer. Companies are connecting their risk management with their efforts to avoid and minimize operational disruptions, prepare for their inevitability, respond better and recover more rapidly, and prevent and limit their occurrence.

How we assist

Operational risk administration
These enterprises, which produce and market anything from food and drinks to cosmetics, and small appliances, hire Damalion experts to help them improve performance across a wide variety of activities. They rely on the advice and assistance of our seasoned specialists to increase revenues, lower expenses, better control cash flow, explore strategic alternatives, minimize risk, and negotiate an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Assessing risks and vulnerabilities
Clients partner with us as a trusted third-party expert to assist them in assessing their risks and vulnerabilities, putting in place plans to better manage through disruptions and recover more quickly, and preparing upper leadership for its role in crisis communications, media management, and governance oversight.

Identifying business opportunities
Global teams at Damalion are specialists in business continuity planning, disaster recovery planning for information technology, comprehensive cybersecurity program creation, and all-hazards disaster and emergency management planning.  Our ad hoc teams are familiar with the strategic implications of risk management in the retail and consumer products industry, and they advise clients on the execution of standards-based strategies at the tactical level, where risk lives.

Efficiency Enhancement

Executives investigate the fundamental shifts for the consumer goods industry to adapt and transform. In a world where the fast rate of change is the only constant, the senior practitioners at Damalion are actively immersed in the difficulties and challenges confronting organizations today – driving growth, controlling spending, and boosting return on investment.

Knowing that this climate will persist for the foreseeable future, we assist our customers in developing growth-driving, expense-controlling, revenue-increasing, operation-improving, and return-on-investment-managing strategies.

Reorganization and Turnaround Strategies

Companies, private equity funds, secured and unsecured creditors, and other stakeholders appreciate our company’s guidance and comprehensive suite of services to conduct successful turnarounds and restructurings.

We represent clients in both reorganizations and turnarounds, often managing the disposition of unprofitable locations and mitigating liabilities associated with those locations. In addition, we build up teams to manage data requests from creditors, and reconcile claims.

What we bring

Damalion experts immediately take prompt action to assess potential reorganizational possibilities, optimize value. In addition, we lead negotiations with significant elements, such as sources of capital, to develop consensus and guarantee sufficient liquidity to carry out the strategy. We may be solicited for assistance in designing communications plans for both the outside and the inside of organizations.

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