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The Biotech industry is being reshaped by a fast-changing healthcare environment and the combination of groundbreaking scientific innovation, digital breakthroughs, expanding global access, and new commercial models. These innovations promise a considerable improvement in inpatient care. They have created new prospects for Biotechceutical and life sciences market participants.

With these new prospects come new problems, such as rising pricing pressure, uncertain market access dynamics, changing customer behavior, and disruption from unconventional healthcare providers. These trends compel Biotech companies to strategically consider the areas of their current business to invest in and which new growth opportunities to pursue.

At Damalion’s, we select experts to assist biotech executives in developing strategies and plans to succeed in this dynamic environment, thereby enhancing patient outcomes and maximizing the value of the global healthcare sector.

How we assist

Investment opportunities

Damalion helps you identify business opportunities in your sector as we know that deal sourcing is crucial for your expansion and goals.

Choosing the right investment vehicles

Damalion selects experts to assist international investors in identification of the right corporate structuring solutions whether to set up regulated or unregulated investment funds or special purpose vehicles setup.

Work alliance and sustainable value

We collaborate with Biotech firms at all phases of development, offering various solutions to help our clients negotiate significant uncertainties and generate long-term shareholder value. It covers rising and existing players and companies focusing on innovative branded pharmaceuticals, biosimilars, generics, and reformulations.

Damalion can assist early-stage enterprises in focusing their growth plan by evaluating the viability of the company’s pipeline, prioritizing portfolio investments, and facilitating go/no-go choices. In addition, we may assist businesses in considering financing options and conducting unbiased product or market assessments to support partnership and investment decisions. With our experts’ experience & analytical support, Biotechceutical businesses can obtain the self-assurance necessary to make crucial decisions in significant uncertainty.

A successful launch is essential when a corporation enters a new disease area or introduces its main product. Damalion collaborates with clients to provide commercialization strategy and launch planning support at this level. We build up Damalion expert team to establish pricing, access, and customer engagement strategies that position products for the greatest possible success. Our experts’ commercial planning knowledge extends to medications, equipment, and diagnostics. In addition to aiding in the definition of the commercialization plan, we select experts with extensive expertise in helping start-ups scale their organizations in preparation for the launch phase.

Companies with worldwide expansion plans

In addition to maximizing the potential of their commercialized goods, Biotechceutical businesses must also consider the future. Whether it is building franchisors leadership, developing lifecycle management policies, driving growth across therapeutic franchises, evaluating attractive adjacencies for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), determining how to scale the team, or prioritizing internal pipeline possibilities, our team has a proven track record of assisting our clients in developing winning strategies that are tailored to their unique challenges.

Organizations seeking to execute deals that provide value

We serve our clients throughout the deal lifecycle, from search & evaluation through execution and integration post-transaction.

Contract Production

Contract Manufacturers are increasingly utilized by biotech businesses to bring their innovations to market. Outsourcing portions of the production process decreases capital and operating expenses, allocating resources to crucial competencies such as product design. However, dealing with Contract Manufacturers presents significant uncertainty to the firm, especially regarding quality assurance.

What we bring

Biotech businesses can boost downstream visibility using their compliance management system instead of relying solely on the Contract Manufacturer‘s quality control procedures.

Leading cloud-based systems enable Contract Manufacturers to know precisely what they must do to fulfil quality requirements, fostering a close partnership that produces consistently high-quality goods.

Damalion selects experts with key network to generate extraordinary shareholder value for our clients.

Transformational business growth

Due to loss of exclusivity of a number of its essential medicines, multinational pharmaceutical business may face a revenue cliff. Damalion experts may support such a client by creating a more aggressive strategy and growth process. That means adjusting company’s innovation culture and organizational structure.

Brand transformation

When for example a prominent biotechnology company launches a product that sells far below expectations, that failure may harm the company’s brand image and maybe future franchise performance. Damalion experts may support the company by identifying the actual causes of underperformance and developing a plan to reinvigorate product sales. We may use a combination of modern analytic approaches. By focusing on these factors, the company may increase product sales and create good follow-up goods and services that enhanced the franchise.

Turnaround method

A biotech business may struggle to maximize the value of its marketed drugs and realize the potential of its promising pipeline. And if the client’s operating plan is too ambituous,  it may be wise to identify a strategy that could generate value rapidly. Damalion experts assists clients in identifying the fundamental drivers of its commercial performance. It may be appropriate to arbitrate and take serious decisions such as divesting part of its international operations if any, reallocating money to pipeline opportunities with the highest return on investment, and optimizing operating expenses. This type of multifaceted turnaround approach, may result in great opportunities for the company. In addition, the company may see her market capitalization increase, rapidly.

Scale up for achievement

A Biotechceutical business may want to transition from an R&D platform to a fully integrated commercial Biotechceutical operation. Damalion experts may help the company to articulate an organizational vision and a clear strategic roadmap along with a great human resource management. We can also assist the company in prioritizing its product pipeline and optimizing its organizational structure, its geographical resource allocation. This expertise deployment helps the client launch or re-position its products to build up a global organization, to create and deliver more value to its clients, its partners, its investors.

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