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1. Accept imperfection.

Don’t wait until all the pieces are fully in place before acting on your dreams. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s somewhere, here and now. You should start your Entrepreneur journey before achieving perfection. In the extreme uncertainty we are facing, perfectionism quest could slow down your learning process. As an entrepreneur, you want to know your customers’ needs, tastes, the problems they are facing. The larger your business is, the higher is your need to frame the cycle of your new product launch. Thinking like an entrepreneur helps corporate leaders to focus not on perfection but rather on acceptable performance of the new products. As any Entrepreneur needs to mitigate the risk of launching a product that nobody wants.

What is your perfectionism keeping you from doing? This is the chance to live the life you really want to live, start the business of your dreams and make your dreams come true. The more you avoid the risk of failure, the more you avoid success.

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