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When you look at the top reasons why professionals choose to leave traditional firms, their desire to achieve a work-life balance ranks high among the list. Interviews and survey results from varying sources find that this reason also applies to independent consultants. In addition, maintaining a good work-life balance may hold the key to improving your performance and getting the best output. Find out how a great work-life balance can lead to achieving good results.

Why Professionals Choose to Go Independent

More and more professionals are deciding to go independent. In fact, the number of independent professionals in Europe accounts for 29 percent of all self-employed individuals. This report by the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed tallies around 9.5 million individuals in 2015. 

Meanwhile, the benefits of independent consulting are attracting more professionals. Some of the reasons include the thrill of intellectual challenge. This reason applies especially to high-skilled consultants with specialization. Also, this environment allows flexibility for professionals to decide when they want to work. This also covers the ability to choose projects based on the workload and the location. Consultants from traditional firms know the amount of travel involved in working with clients. 

In short, the flexibility attracts the high-skilled professionals that prioritize a work-life balance, especially women professionals. On the other hand, millennials take on the independent path for the allure of autonomy over their time and work.

Work-Life Balance: How Do Professionals Achieve It?

Going independent does not instantly guarantee a good work-life balance. Many of these rules fall under the pattern of setting your priorities, enforcing your boundaries, and doing that process repeatedly. This list shows a few independent practice tips for independent consultants to find a healthy bridge between work and personal life.

Take control over your work.

Specify your goals and priorities when you choose your projects. Which skills and specializations are you trying to work on? Are there big life events that you need to consider within the project timeline? When the projects you work on align with your intellectual interests, you gain higher job satisfaction. The work environment provided by Damalion allows you to assess how you can contribute to projects and decide on which ones you choose to accept.

Learning when to say “no.”

One of the reasons why clients choose independent consulting is their need for open and engaged partnerships over projects. This open communication goes both ways, especially in setting your boundaries. If you decide not to check emails outside working hours, commit yourself to enforce your rule.

Blend of routine and flexibility.

Time flexibility perks the interest of many professionals. Still, setting up your own routine with flexible break times is a key component of a good work-life balance.

Make time for hobbies and interests. 

Healthy hobbies that stimulate the mind outside of work can lead to a content personal life. Whether it’s about mastering an instrument or working on a profitable side business, don’t let your workload hoard your time from the things you enjoy.

Do collaboration work. 

When the routine starts to weigh on your shoulders, and you miss being part of a professional community, take time to venture out. Consider joining an independent firm like Damalion, where you can meet skilled professionals to exchange ideas and work on projects with.

Challenges of Independent Consulting

Many consultants probably fear going independent because they want to keep the financial security provided by traditional firms. However, facts and figures on self-employed earnings already show that independent professionals do not earn less than traditional employees on average. 

Initially, professionals may be surprised by the number of management skills they need to catch up on when they self-manage. It takes time to learn to set the boundaries and to start delegating the work with freelancers or using digital technologies. Independent consultants who want to establish their practice can refer to marketplaces for professionals or join the talent pool of independent consulting firms like Damalion.

How a Great Work-Life Balance Leads to Great Results

Overall, well-being affects your ability to focus on your long-term and short-term goals for your career and personal life. In turn, this problem might affect the way you interact with your team. Even small internal issues could have the biggest impact on the output you produce.

The percentage of burnout among business leaders and its implications show that a healthy work-life balance matters to any organization. A healthy working routine in a good environment keeps professionals motivated in the career path that they choose.

Are you looking to join a talent pool that lets you achieve the work-life balance you want? Find out here how this vision is possible by working with Damalion.