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Germany is one of the leading European countries and an attractive land of foreign investments for international companies such as the Chinese groups and institutions. A shelf company or ready-made in Germany is a company that has been registered but has no previous business activities. The purchase of shelf companies enables the investor to put their attention on the economic activity of the recently purchased company as opposed to the requirements involved in starting a company from scratch in Germany. Buying a shelf company is the easiest and quickest way for a business to become functional in Germany

Advantages of a shelf company in Germany 

There are various reasons why purchasing a shelf company in Germany can be more effective than starting a new company. Damalion may propose you German ready-made companies for sale with a bank account. We may facilitate VAT application, local directors and accounting and tax services. All things considered, here are the main reasons to buy a German ready-made company: 

  • Flexibility and Credibility 

Shelf companies can be effortlessly adjusted to suit the objectives and characteristics of a business’s preferences. And purchasing a shelf company that suits company objectives is a means of gaining credibility from banks and potential investors. 

  • Easier to be approved for business banking 

Banking is a crucial part of the daily running of a company and any company needing a professional image should have a business bank account. So, when approaching a bank for an account, it can be more beneficial to have an already established company (a shelf company) than a newly registered company. 

  • Improve client’s confidence 

Every business requires clients to fully function and clients who have assurance in the business are the main part of the all-around success of the company. 

And research shows that clients prefer companies who can show longevity as they give the feeling of being credible and gives confidence the business is experienced in its applicable field. A German shelf company will give the impression that the company has been around longer and accordingly giving the client the assurance needed. 

  • Speed up the process to start your business in Germany

A shelf company is already registered and thus changing the officer details is the sole requirement. Changing officer details can be done electronically and takes only a few hours, which is faster than the average 1 day required to register a new company so, setting up your company should be simple, easy, and stress-free. 

Doing business in Germany

If you want to purchase a ready-made company in Germany to enter the German market, please contact your Damalion expert now.