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Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Bain Capital, TDR Capital, and TPG are reportedly interested in acquiring the popular sandwich chain Subway, as the company explores a potential sale that could value it at more than $10 billion. Subway, headquartered in Milford, Connecticut, has more than 37,000 locations across the globe and is one of the largest quick-service restaurant chains in the world. While no final decisions have been made, the indicative offers from the parties mentioned above show significant interest in acquiring Subway.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management, the asset management arm of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., is a well-known private equity investor, having previously invested in companies like Uber and WeWork. Bain Capital, on the other hand, has been involved in numerous high-profile acquisitions, including the $18 billion acquisition of Toshiba’s memory chip unit. TDR Capital and TPG are also leading private equity firms with extensive investment portfolios.

The potential sale comes as Subway aims to revitalize its business after several years of declining sales. The company has already taken several steps to boost its performance, including introducing a new loyalty program, expanding its delivery options, and updating its menu. In addition, Subway plans to roll out a new store design and modernize its existing locations.

While Subway remains a popular brand with a loyal customer base, it faces stiff competition from other quick-service restaurant chains, including McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, and Taco Bell. As consumers increasingly prioritize convenience, speed, and affordability when it comes to dining out, Subway is under pressure to stay relevant and appealing to customers.

The potential sale of Subway could also have implications for the broader restaurant industry, as other quick-service chains may seek to follow Subway’s example and explore potential sales or partnerships to drive growth and stay competitive in the market.

Subway’s potential sale to Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Bain Capital, TDR Capital, or TPG would be a significant transaction in the restaurant industry, with the sandwich chain being one of the largest quick-service restaurant chains in the world. The sale could also signal a broader trend of quick-service chains exploring partnerships or sales as they seek to stay competitive in a fast-changing industry. As the potential sale continues to develop, the restaurant industry will be watching closely to see how it unfolds and what implications it may have for the future of the industry.

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