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A Rising Star in the Shipbuilding Industry

Leapher Yachts, a newly established shipyard in Tolkamer, the Netherlands, has caught the attention of the industry with a remarkable debut. With the unveiling of three exceptional expedition vessels, this nascent shipyard has made a strong statement. Additionally, the laying of the keel for their first custom cruiser signifies Leapher Yachts’ readiness to dive into construction and fulfill their ambitious vision.

Unveiling Extraordinary Vessels

Leapher Yachts has presented an impressive trio of expedition vessels, showcasing their commitment to excellence and innovation. The shipyard’s debut includes an elegant 135-foot explorer yacht featuring pools at both ends, a customizable interior on a 155-foot explorer yacht, and a stealthy 244-foot explorer yacht concept.

The Marvel of Design and Engineering: Codenamed Lazarus

Codenamed Lazarus, the 198-foot expedition vessel is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and engineering. With interior and exterior design by Cor D. Rover, naval architecture by O7 Designers, and hull optimization by Van Oossanen Naval Architects, Lazarus embodies the essence of exploration. Equipped with a robust ice-class hull, this vessel effortlessly navigates the challenging arctic waters of high-latitude regions. Boat International reports an impressive 40 days of autonomy at sea, further enhancing the vessel’s capabilities.

Luxury and Comfort on Board the Lazarus Expedition Vessel

Lazarus promises seafarers a luxurious and comfortable experience. Boasting an interior volume of 1,710 GT, the vessel offers ample space for relaxation and entertainment. It accommodates two tenders of approximately 30 feet each, as well as a helicopter for exhilarating day trips. Notable features include a wellness area with a sauna and gym, a dedicated diving room, a mud room, and an expansive beach club spanning nearly 2,200 square feet. Moreover, Lazarus provides spacious cabins capable of hosting up to 14 guests and 17 crew members.

Expanding the Fleet: A Vision for the Future

Leapher Yachts’ ambition extends beyond Lazarus, with plans for two additional models. These forthcoming designs include a 157-foot explorer yacht measuring 500 GT and a larger 197-foot explorer yacht totaling an impressive 1,000 GT. These future additions will further enhance Leapher Yachts’ fleet, ensuring a harmonious and visually striking collection of vessels.

A Stellar Team with Extensive Industry Experience

Yiannis Andriotis, a key figure in the launch of Leapher Yachts, emphasizes that the shipyard is managed by a team of highly skilled Dutch yacht builders and engineers. Lucas Van Elsen, the production manager, brings invaluable expertise from renowned industry leaders such as Oceanco, Feadship, and Heesen. Additionally, Wilma Van Rein, the chief technical officer, joins Leapher Yachts with a background at Feadship. The wealth of experience within the team ensures the highest standards of craftsmanship and technical prowess.

Continuing a Legacy: Shipbuilding Tradition in a Historic Location

Leapher Yachts’ shipyard occupies the premises of De Hoop, a former cruise ship producer that faced closure during the height of the pandemic. By operating in this location, Leapher Yachts pays homage to the rich shipbuilding tradition while embarking on a new era focused on superyachts. This seamless transition reflects the shipyard’s commitment to honoring tradition while embracing innovation and the demands of the modern superyacht industry.

A Bright Future on the Horizon

As Leapher Yachts sets on a voyage to establish itself as a prominent player in the shipbuilding industry, the debut of their trio of stylish expedition vessels marks an exciting beginning. With Lazarus as the standout vessel, boasting exceptional design and engineering, Leapher Yachts showcases their commitment to creating vessels that push the boundaries of exploration. The luxurious amenities and spacious accommodations onboard Lazarus ensure a comfortable and unforgettable experience for both guests and crew. Furthermore, the future addition of two more models to their fleet demonstrates Leapher Yachts’ dedication to expanding and refining their collection of extraordinary yachts.

Supported by a team of seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience, Leapher Yachts combines expertise and innovation to deliver exceptional craftsmanship. The shipyard’s location, steeped in shipbuilding tradition, adds a touch of heritage and legacy to their operations, providing a strong foundation for their endeavors.

As Lazarus prepares to embark on its maiden voyage in October 2025, the anticipation and excitement surrounding Leapher Yachts continue to grow. With their remarkable debut and a promising vision for the future, Leapher Yachts is poised to make a lasting impression on the shipbuilding industry, offering discerning seafarers unparalleled experiences on the open seas.

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