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One of the most popular awaited dates of the year is almost here: Black Friday, a date when buyers and sellers come together with a single purpose: to take advantage of special offers. 

This year Black Friday which will be on the day, November 25, happens one day after Brazil’s debut in the World cup of Men’s Football. 

This coincidence between Black Friday and the World Cup is a remarkable experience, which could be a positive association for retail. 

The World Cup, traditionally, arouses people’s optimism and desire to consume. With this, the expectation is that the stores partaking in Black Friday will grant generous discounts on various items.

The Black Friday survey in Brazil

During the year, surveys were commissioned by several companies including Google, Nielsen, Perfect Match, and Offerwise. Several Brazilians were interviewed from different classes to understand their motivation for Black Friday. The surveys identified a close relationship between buying on Black Friday and watching football

The survey points out that at least 60% of Brazilians intend to buy some product or service in preparation for the Qatar World Cup. Appliances, televisions, and clothing are among consumers’ priorities. 

One of the main conclusions is that brands have room to influence purchase decisions and that the way to do this is to focus on the sufficiency of the message to consumers, to enhance the results.

Highlights of the survey

  • Brazilians want durable consumer goods such as household appliances and cell phones, and tablets, are the favorites of Brazilians for this year’s Black Friday. One of the studies points out that at least 60% of respondents usually buy such items on this date. 
  • Diversity in consumption decisions: another study reveals that over 60% of the black and brown population intend to buy household appliances. Additionally, the LGBT+ community consumes more on this occasion than non-members. 
  • Females are also taking a lead: one of the surveys highlight that women represent half of the respondents who will watch the World Cup, and over 40% of them claim to be football fans. The survey also demonstrates that over 40% of women are preparing to buy during the Black Friday and World Cup periods.
  • E-grocery is a little behind: according to one of the surveys, e-grocery is still behind physical stores when it comes to supermarket shopping during black Friday. Even though it is already becoming more popular in the daily life of Brazilians, the e-commerce model for food and beverages couldn’t overcome traditional retail. 

In summation, the 2022 World Cup is a big chance for businesses in Brazil on this year’s Black Friday. And according to the surveys commissioned by some companies, Brazilians intend to invest in food, beverages, and sportswear, in respect of the Qatar World Cup. 

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