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Damalion Finance desk:

Facilitating Private and commercial large loan for Foreigners investing in the United States of America

Damalion International finance desk facilitates private loans for high net worth individuals and commercial loans for foreign companies investing in the United States.

European businesses who want to finance their projects in the USA often experience difficulties to get personal loans or commercial loans.

Damalion has partnered with selected banks in the United States of America.

Types of borrowers: foreigners investing in the United States of America

If you are:

  • An individual or a company
  • An investor who plans to invest in the United States of America.

Private lending and commercial lending solutions

The private loans and corporate loans are offered to:

  • Individuals: minimum taxable income of €/$ 5 million

(minimum income declared on your latest income tax return).

Below this amount, unfortunately, we are not competent to assist you.

  • Companies: minimum EBITDA of €/$ 10 million (minimum EBITDA since 2017. If you are a group, the same minimum is required for each company of the group)

Below this amount, unfortunately, we are not competent to assist you.

Additional trade finance solutions are provided:

  • Standby letters of credit
  • Documentary collections: in respect of the ‘Uniform Rules for Collections (URC)’.

The parties involved in the transaction may have to disclose at least:

  • the 3 last year financial statement
  • the 6 last month bank statement.


Borrower may be from Europe, MENA. The individual or the company is willing to invest in the United States of America.


  • Residential lending
  • Commercial lending
  • International trade finance.

Collateral required from the borrower:

  • First class real estate properties: properties appraisal must be done by an independent expert. Appraisal report must not be older than 2 years

You may need to get the latest appraisal report due to market turmoils

  • USA real estate
  • Deposits
  • First class factored receivables
  • Standby letters of credit.
NOTICE: for the success of your loan application, we remind you that you need to disclose any information that may be required by the bank for risk assessment. If you are not willing to disclose any information required by the bank, your application will be declined, strictly. You will not be able to engage new negotiation with the bank.

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