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The Czech Republic is a country that benefits from a long tradition concerning industrial production and has one of the most skilled workforces in Europe. Czech Republic has a strong economy that develops at a steady rate and it enjoys a high level of foreign investments, which are sustained through various policies. Because of this, a lot of individuals seek to incorporate a company in this refreshingly aesthetic terrain. 

Benefits of Doing Business in the Czech Republic 

  • Situated in the center of Europe, the Czech Republic acts as a gateway to both the eastern and the western markets. 
  • As a member of the EU, any company in the Czech Republic benefits from the nation’s trade relationships and commercial ties with majority of the business centers in the world. 
  • There is no shortage of literate, skilled, and professional workforce in the country, so employability standards are conducive for business operation. 
  • The Czech Republic shows a serious level of entrepreneurship and favorable conditions for doing business. 
  • The country features high standards of living and a vibrant economy. 

Forms of business structures in the Czech Republic 

It is possible to register or buy a company in the Czech Republic in such organizational and legal forms as the following. 

  • S.R.O. (společnost s ručením omezeným), Limited Liability Company. 
  • A.S. (akciová společnost), Joint Stock Company. 
  • «Živnostenský list», Private entrepreneur. 
  • V.O.S. (veřejna obchodní společnost), Public commercial company. 
  • K.S. (komanditní společnost), Limited partnership. 
  • «Družstvo», Cooperative in the Czech Republic. 

How to Register a Company in the Czech Republic

The definitive process of company formation in the Czech Republic are as follows: 

  1. Choosing the most appropriate business form for your business activity (the most popular legal entities in the Czech Republic are represented by limited liability companies and joint stock companies) 
  • Decide a Company Name – Business name registration in the Czech Republic is subject to availability and acceptability. The proposed company name can be checked with the Registry of the Regional Commercial Court
  • Provide Criminal Record Clearance- Arrange for certificates of a clear criminal record of the managers (an extract from the Criminal Register from their country of origin ) 
  • Provide Real Estate Register Clearance- Submit evidence of the registered office of the company. 
  • Advance the Minimum Share Capital- During company incorporation, the minimum share capital, if any, must be put in a bank. 
  • Obtain Trade Licence and Clearances- Depending upon the type of activity your company would be engaging in, file for the necessary trade licenses and permits. 
  • Get the Articles of Association Notarized- Draft the Articles of Association (AOA) of the company, and get them, as well as the company statutes, verified by a public notary in the Czech Republic. 
  • Register Your Company at the Commercial Register- For completing the registration process, get the motion to the relevant Regional Court signed by all the first managers in front of a notary public, and afterward, submit it at the Companies Registry. 
  • Get a Tax Identification Number- Registration for income tax happens simultaneously, and a company receives its Tax Identification Number on submission of the company application. 

Documents Required for Company Registration in the Czech Republic 

  • The Company business name 
  • Address of registered office, along with its proof. 
  • Details of the activities to be carried out by the company 
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association. 
  • Trade authorization certificate 
  • Specimen signatures of shareholders and directors 
  • Proof of deposited bank capital 
  • Extract from the Criminal Registry for each member of the company 

Costs for a company formation in the Czech Republic 

The registration of a local business implies the following company formation costs in the Czech Republic: 

  • registration fee: the main registration fee concluded through a public notary in the Czech Republic is CZK2,000 for a limited liability company, while for the registration through the Register Court, the fee can increase. 
  • virtual office cost: the virtual office represents the most suitable option for having a business address in this country, and its fee start from eur . 
  • minimum share capital costs: for a limited liability company, the minimum capital share required is CZK1. 
  • accounting costs: it includes bookkeeping services and tax assistance; the cost starts from EUR 50/month. 

The enrollment of a nearby business suggests the accompanying organization development costs in the Czech Republic: 

Opening a business bank account in the Czech Republic 

Opening a bank account for a business helps separate personal liabilities from a business. Each company with establishments in the Czech Republic needs to open a bank account by procuring the firm’s main documents, like the Articles of Association. First, a provisory bank account is opened for depositing the minimum share capital, and then a permanent bank account will serve to the company’s financial operations. 

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