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Luxembourg offers easy access to capital to innovative startups. Damalion supports international startups willing to relocate to Luxembourg or get grow their innovative startup in the Grand-duchy of Luxembourg.

Being globally recognized for information and communication technologies, Luxembourg is quickly becoming a center of excellence for Blockchain, cybersecurity and data protection. Also supported by a well-developed ICT infrastructure, Luxembourg’s biotech industry ranks high for strong IP protection, national spending on R&D, policy, and overall stability. 

And due to its productive public research infrastructures and projects, Luxembourg offers multiple opportunities for start-ups, SMEs, and large enterprises. 

Luxembourg is not only attractive for start-ups looking for funding, but also for investment experts. And concerning this, many endeavors and solutions have been set up in Luxembourg to help innovative entrepreneurs to start their businesses and then grow globally. 

Raising capital for start-ups in Luxembourg 

As a leading financial center, Luxembourg provides a wide range of solutions that allow entrepreneurs to structure funds for their business activities, with the most popular being venture capitalists and business angels.

  • Business Angels: these are private individuals, usually with a high net worth, and business experience, who directly invests part of their assets in private businesses. Besides capital, angel investors also provide business management experience, skills, and contacts for the entrepreneur. 
  • Venture Capital Investors: Venture capital in Luxembourg refers to a type of fundraising system, through which investors can raise capital for their investment projects. In other words, Venture Capital Investors are investment firms that provide capital, in exchange for shares and an active role in a company. Venture Capital Investors have a long-term strategy enabling companies the time to mature into profitable organizations. 

Among the different funding opportunities available to start-ups in Luxembourg are the SOPARFI and SLP (Special Limited Partnership) but business angels and venture capital companies are the most popular.

Also, Equity is another common way to attract investors for a business. Equity provides the investors with a share in the general returns and even influence or control over the company. On the other hand, issuance of bonds and hybrid instruments enables entrepreneurs to attract capital without giving away equity, even for smaller and medium-sized enterprises. 

Luxembourg has a vibrant, dynamic, and agile environment for startups, and in respect of this, more and more entrepreneurs are entering Luxembourg for their business activities. 

To enter the Luxembourg market and or raise funds for your start-up in Luxembourg, you need the right firm with local knowledge by your side. This is where your Damalion expert comes in, we can help your start-up in raising suitable business funding, either on the private or public side. 

Contact your Damalion expert now to setup your startup in Luxembourg.