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Liechtenstein Foundation Formation


Type of Entity: Liechtenstein Foundation, Family Foundation
Type of law: Liechtenstein Foundation law/ PGR
Incorporation time frame: 4 weeks
Minimum issued share capital: The minimum capital of the Liechtenstein foundation amounts to CHF/EUR/USD 30,000. The contributed assets become the assets of the foundation, which are solely liable for any liabilities of the Liechtenstein foundation.
Minimum paid up share capital on incorporation: No minimum paid up share capital required.
Minimum number of Shareholders required: No shareholders needed
Record in the Public register: Required (the foundation can be registered and deposited in the public register)
Minimum number of directors: There must be at least two members of the board. The members can be individuals or corporate bodies. At least one member must be an individual with certain qualifications and resident in the European Economic Area.
Corporate directors permitted: Any number of corporate members of the board is permitted, but at least one individual is required.
Local directors required: No (but at least one individual must be a resident of the European Economic Area).
Local Registered office required: No local registered office required.
Auditor: No (but If commercial activity is pursued in the foundation, an auditor is required).
Protector requirement: A curator may be appointed who usually has similar powers as a protector in a trust that is to say with certain limited powers designed to keep the board of the foundation in check.
Disclosure of beneficial owner to Company Registrar: No
Disclosure of shareholders: No
Government register of directors: Not required
Trading restriction: The foundation is suitable only to a limited extent for the pursuit of commercial objects.
Taxation: The tax rate is 12.5%, but no less than CHF 1,800 per year.
Tax residence to benefit from Tax Treaty network: Yes
Exchange Control: No exchange control
Financial statements: For registered foundations For non-registered foundations Financial statements for registered foundation are required.
Tax returns: Not required
Accounting: No

We do our best to monitor the compliance of this jurisdiction with the latest international regulations set by OECD and other international institutions and countries.

At any moment, Damalion may decline any customer demand about this jurisdiction, at its sole discretion and without any obligation to provide any reason.

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